DIY Mustache Mugs


After seeing these mugs here at Nap Time Crafts (one of a million projects of hers that I would love to replicate) I knew that I had to make a few for Father’s day gifts.  They are so cute and definite conversation pieces!!!


I snagged up some mugs at Michael’s because I already had the glass paint along with the step 1 and step 3 coats that go with it.  They sell all three steps at Michael’s and the paint is for ceramic or glass.  Once you apply all three steps the pieces are supposed to be microwave and dishwasher safe!

My mistake here was not reading the mugs until I got home!  These mugs pictured above specifically say on them that they are for decorative purposes only.  It may only mean if you use the markers on them (they came with markers), but I didn’t want to chance it and have a mug blow up in grandpa’s microwave!

I hopped it the truck and headed to Target where I found these mugs.  They were $3.99 each which is more than I thought that I would be spending on these, but still a pretty cheap gift since I already had the glass paints.  These are microwave and dishwasher safe too!


I made a stencil using SCAL on my cricut with vinyl.  I prepped both mugs with step 1 conditioner and let them dry.  I then placed the stencils on both mugs, painted the black on, and let them dry.  Mistake number one.

I read in the post above that her mustache was pulling off a bit when she pulled the stencil.  Mine was not just coming off a bit.  It was completely coming off and I was unable to just pull it.  It was ripping and stretching horrible.  I had to pull both stencils with the mustaches completely off the mugs and recondition them.

On my next try I made new stencils and painted.  I then immediately pulled the stencils off while the black was still wet.  I did this slowly and carefully, but it worked!!!  I let them dry.

I then put the step three on the mugs and set the mugs standing up to dry.  Mistake number two!  Do not stand them up and apply the glaze and expect the mustache not to slide… smudge.. wrinkle.. crease… ugh!  I had to quickly and gently move the mustache back to where I had it and lay the mugs down to dry.  (No pics of this because I panicked and just tried to quickly fix it… with tears in my eyes… 😦  )

Even after I did this the mugs dried a bit weird.  One had a few bubbles and one got a few cracks in the black where you could see the white through if you looked really close.  These were for my husband’s father (grandpa) and my mom’s husband so I gave them to them anyway and they still thought that they were great!


Here is my little man trying one out!  He thought they were super!  You should have seen his face when Grandpa was holding the mug up to his own face!


I think that these make a super cute gift and now I know what not to do for next time!


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