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DIY Wooden Firecrackers Fourth of July Decor

I found a post here at Nap Time Crafts where she made these because she saw the post here at Poppies at Play and I decided to have a crafty day with my mom.

I had the hubs cut me some pieces of wood that were squared and about the same dimensions as stated on the Nap Time Crafts post.  Mine came out to be about 1 1/2 in. squared and 4, 6, and 8 inches tall per set.

Mom and I each made two sets.

I got red, white and blue acrylic paint.  I made some card stock templates on the cricut (because I was being stingy with my vinyl and didn’t want to waste it… bad idea.. more info on that to come.).

We took everything outside… including my three kiddos three and under… and set up shop in the yard.

So… we did the base coats and let those dry while tending to small people.  When we tried to just hold the cardstock stencils… um… they didn’t work all that great.  In the end…. they aren’t that bad because we were able to fix them up a bit, but the regular cardstock stencil bled and leaked even when I tried to just lightly do it and do it slowly.  FYI.

I would use vinyl or at least something plastic like if I did it again.


Here is how my two sets came out…

I kept mine quite similar to the ones that Nap Time Crafts did and did both sets the same.  I have a bit of a matchy matchy… ocd-ish type issue going on.

Mom is a bit more out of the box.  She used an old toothbrush that I keep in my paint stuff to make one set speckled and she did some different designs.  She made a speckled set and a non-speckled set.  Here is how hers came out.

So… we decided that we aren’t so sure ours look like “firecrackers” and didn’t end up putting the wick in the top of them.  I still might, but I am unsure if they should just be red, white and blue Americana decor or if they should be firecrackers.

I think they came out cute either way.

What do ya think?  Wick… or no wick???  (See the links to the others if you want to see what theirs look like… with wicks.)



DIY Japanese Zen Wall Art

I recently realized that my whole house basically has a different area of the world as it’s main decor theme.  I didn’t really know what the bathroom theme was until I found some examples of Japanese Zen decor and decided that I already basically had that going on.

I wanted to change up the wall art in there and I am still not sure what I wanted on the walls.  I am thinking foliage, greens, grasses….

So… for the time being at least…. I found some faux fern and leaves that I had in my craft stuff and framed them in some white dollar store frames on top of some scrapbooking paper that came in a big pack from the dollar store.  This is what I came up with… for now at least.

I wanted to include the widened out picture to show that the white frames were to bring everything together with the white appliances, fixtures, and cabinets in my bathroom.

I bought these white frames and used the same brown paper previously to frame out sepia toned photos of my kids playing in the tub.

Spring Wreath Turned Summer Wreath?

I picked up a few bunches of flowers from the Dollar General in white and purple to coordinate with the hurricane vases that I did.  They were a buck a bunch and I ended up only using one bunch of white and one of purple here.

I wanted to add something to this wreath to be able to use it all through summer too and get my moneys worth out of the pretty yellow wreath.  I used some wire snips and clipped each bunch of flowers from the main bunch and just spaced them evenly around the wreath doing the purple first and then putting the white in between each purple bunch.

My orange butterfly has been fading from the sun… so I am wondering if I should remove it.

I only stuck the flowers in for now and plan to attach them with floral wire once I decide that they will stay for a while.

So… what do ya think?

Before- (spring wreath version)


*Update-  I didn’t like the butterfly on there still… both due to the fading and because the orange seemed out of place so I removed it and the hummingbird.  Now do I leave it like this… with just these flowers?  Do I add a few.. say three bigger flowers of either purple or white?  Do they have to be the same type of flower .. though…?  Do I add some sort of ribbon… bow… other embellishment instead???  hmmm….




Bathroom- New Green

I finally got some new paint for the bathroom!!!  Yippie!   I thought….

I tried to do it a bit smarter this time and bought three samples.  I got the color I thought I wanted and then the shade lighter and darker.  I ended up picking the shade in the middle…. anyway….

So.. after a very long painting experience (trying to do it all myself while watching three children three and under because hubby had to work late)… and a few other mishaps- falling through and busting the toilet seat.. and my son getting covered in paint….. I got it done all yesterday!

So… this is the before before….. when I decided I wanted green…..

Then the first green… that was sooo mixed wrong.. and then I had them try to fix it… didn’t come out right.  I kept painting hoping it would grow on me, but it didn’t.

And… the new green…. dill….  (color was meant originally to pick up the green in the leaves of the shower curtain….)

(yes… I know the molding isn’t attached and you can see the blue… hubby had to order a new motor for the washer.. so he is leaving the molding off until he is done fixing that.  Hopefully he doesn’t mess up the paint!)

So… I think paint colors look so different depending on the time of day, lighting, where you are.. and then they all look different in photos.  I think I like it.  I definitely like it waaaaay more than that bright neon green.  That is for sure.

And… if you noticed.. the other changes that I made are-

I painted the basket for the tp brown from that light wicker color….

I also painted the clock from the bright blue to the dark brown…

I added some chocolate brown vinyl flowers that I cut with my cricut to the washing machine.  I am not sure about these yet.  I was going to try and add more maybe to make more of a pattern.  I know they are random right now.  I did not do these to just add flowers.  There were these yucky yellow marks on there since we got it five years ago… and then it broke last week and hubby had to use a big grinder to get the screws on the bottom off… which made more marks.  These are covering the marks…. hence… random.

I used to have pics of the two older kids in the tub (important parts not showing.. of course)…. on a pretty brown scrapbook paper in these white frames.  I am not sure if I will put those back up.  (This last pic showing the vinyl is with the old green)

So.. the new color definitely darkened the room up a bit, but it seems more soft and calm.

What do ya think?   About the color…..   the spray painted basket and clock…..   the vinyl on the washer…..   the prints???

Oh.. and I forgot to show ya… This is what happens when you “hop” onto the closed hard plastic toilet seat from the step stool because you thought you heard the front door open and wanted to hurry and make sure no children escaped!!!  The top is in half… the seat is too… if you can tell from the pic… the bolted area is all broken off… and the seat went right over to the left there and put a nice dent in the newly painted wall!!!!   We needed a new seat anyway…..  too bad the hardware store was closed last night when I went to go get one!


And… forgot to say…. I saw on some blog in blogland where the woman had the faucet in the bathroom with two plastic knobs.. she took them off and make new tags to put under there.  One said “hot”.. one said “cold”… then she did funny things… like “happy”  and “easter”… etc….    I think I am going to make a new tag for in here…. and may try to make some sort of vinyl to cover the ugly soap thingy too…….

New Bedroom Ideas- HELP!

So….  We have been slooooowly working on an addition to our house for quite some time now.  We got married in 2006 and built a tiny little house that was meant to be temporary until we found our dream house to buy.  Then we got pregnant the first time.  Hubby added a second room into our open lofted upstairs bedroom to function as the nursery.  Not long after having baby number one we decided that we would stay in our house as long as we could put on a HUGE addition.  We got a great deal on the property so we made the decision to slowly add on and stay here.

We made up plans that we would be more than doubling our house.  We will have five new bedroom sized rooms and a new huge living room.  Cut to now…..   three kids three and under…..   hubby doing ALL of the work himself from the plans, drawings, digging, building, pouring, framing, electrical, plumbing…. eventually all of the insulation studs, walls, mudding, sanding, painting… all by himself while working a full time job and being a super involved daddy.  We still are waiting to use the addition.


Years have gone by….  plans have changed….. and I have a ton of ideas, saved pics from magazines or other blogs, hopes and dreams for all that the completed house will be.


All… except our master bedroom.  I have nothing… nada….. no inspiration… no ideas…. nothing.

So… I wanted to show you the bed that we got used off of craigslist.  I loved this bed at first because it was king sized … which we wanted… and was the right price.  I liked it more because it was solid wood and I knew it was good construction.  As time has gone by I like it less and less and really don’t care for the flower in the middle.


The comforter is a worn out bed in a bag type thing that really needs to go, but I am not ready to spend a decent amount of money on a new set until I know what I want for design for our new master bedroom.  This set up will not be it.  Our room will be in the new part of the house with a regular enclosed closet.

My husband and I both are huge fans of solid wood and the real wood look without painting over beautiful grainy and knotty wood.  My problem is that we are going to need night stands and a dresser or two to go in the new room.  I know that I won’t be able to match the woods and this bed already has the black iron across the top.  I already don’t love the flower (which I don’t think you can tell from the poorly lit photos, but is a maroon-ish color).

My idea is to prime and paint the entire bed black.  That way I can get whatever pieces that I can find that are cheap and match a bit in style rather than color.  I can paint those pieces and everything will look like it will go together.


My questions for help from you….. is…. should I paint the bed black?  Where should I go with the bedroom look from there?  I really like crisp, clean, fluffy look for the bedroom without being too feminine … but I don’t know if that will work with a black bed.  Maybe I should paint all of the furniture white???


To give you an idea of the rest of the decor style in the house—   the kitchen has bright golden yellow walls with more of a classy Italy wine decor mixed with reds and greens in pretty flowers (not grape covered everything wine decor); the living room has black leather furniture and will be mixed with African decor- paintings with bright colors that we got from Africa and some pieces like elephants, giraffes, African masks; I am still finishing the bathroom since my disastrous repaint job, but that is tan, white, brown, and the walls will be a sage tone green.

More Spring/Easter Decor and Crafts 2011

Since Spring officially started (even though northern ny weather begs to differ- as it is snowing right now.. urgh) this weekend, I decided to try and round up a few more Spring/Easter decor, craft, and recipe type ideas.  Here are a few that I could pop up real quick.  I will be hunting for more….

I saw these pedestal birdhouses in some catalog or on another site and they were quite expensive.  I love the look of them for spring and would totally use them on my porch or screened in front room (if I had one) all year round.

These are over at The Speckled Dog and she shows you how she made them using some unfinished bird houses and candle sticks.

This tray of nests and eggs is also from The Speckled Dog.  How cute?  She used an old thrifted wooden tray that she painted and distressed and the nests and eggs are from Target for about five bucks!

She used the same nests and eggs combined with Dollar Tree glassware to make these!!!  OMG cute….

Loving this Easter subway art over at Grunged, Glittered, and Branded.

I was thinking this felt flower pillow was quite the way to brighten up a chair or couch for spring time.  See it over at Craftaholics anonymous.


These chocolate covered marshmallow peeps are so cute over at The Idea Room.

Kitchen Tin Tile Back Splash

Last year I found some floral printed tin tiles for back splash on LTD Commodities.  I bought two packs and tiled the wall behind the stove and the super small section on either side.  I kept having to clean stuff off of the paint from cooking and thought that these would clean up easier.  I was right.  They came and were so simple to put up.  You can cut them with regular scissors and a bit of elbow grease, but not bad for installing a decent looking back splash.

A few months ago I noticed how beat up the painted walls were getting in the other area of the kitchen.  To the left of the sink we have a section of wall that is so close that pans and dishes get banged into it all the time.  The wall was looking pretty rough.

To the right of the sink I often pile dishes there, resting them against the wall after I wash them until I dry them.  This was beating up the entire other wall.



I got the bright idea to get back on LTD Commodities online and get a few more packs and do the rest of the kitchen and hope that it wouldn’t be too much copper.  Well…. I guess a bunch of other people had the idea to get on and order them too because they didn’t have any left.  I searched for a few months only finding a few places that had the exact tiles and realizing that they would be about three times the price now… I held off and periodically looked for them cheaper.

The whole cheaper thing never happened and I finally caved realizing that if I waited too much longer I might never get the exact tiles and then I would have to start all over replacing the ones that were already up.  It would all need to match.  I ordered four more sets.

They got here today!!!  And.. lucky me…. my mom had happened to stop by!  FREE help!  Score!

She helped put the adhesives on and I cut around outlets and edges… and …..





What do ya think?  Better right?  I hope that the tiles hold up against the abuse while I do the dishes.  It will certainly be tougher than the painted wall and much easier to clean.  I think I like it.


Here is a sneak at what I will be working on next (along with the oldest child starting school next week and me freaking out)….

Pretty stuff for the girlies…..  tutus, hair bows, shirt clips, shoe clips…..   🙂