DIY Wooden Firecrackers Fourth of July Decor

I found a post here at Nap Time Crafts where she made these because she saw the post here at Poppies at Play and I decided to have a crafty day with my mom.

I had the hubs cut me some pieces of wood that were squared and about the same dimensions as stated on the Nap Time Crafts post.  Mine came out to be about 1 1/2 in. squared and 4, 6, and 8 inches tall per set.

Mom and I each made two sets.

I got red, white and blue acrylic paint.  I made some card stock templates on the cricut (because I was being stingy with my vinyl and didn’t want to waste it… bad idea.. more info on that to come.).

We took everything outside… including my three kiddos three and under… and set up shop in the yard.

So… we did the base coats and let those dry while tending to small people.  When we tried to just hold the cardstock stencils… um… they didn’t work all that great.  In the end…. they aren’t that bad because we were able to fix them up a bit, but the regular cardstock stencil bled and leaked even when I tried to just lightly do it and do it slowly.  FYI.

I would use vinyl or at least something plastic like if I did it again.


Here is how my two sets came out…

I kept mine quite similar to the ones that Nap Time Crafts did and did both sets the same.  I have a bit of a matchy matchy… ocd-ish type issue going on.

Mom is a bit more out of the box.  She used an old toothbrush that I keep in my paint stuff to make one set speckled and she did some different designs.  She made a speckled set and a non-speckled set.  Here is how hers came out.

So… we decided that we aren’t so sure ours look like “firecrackers” and didn’t end up putting the wick in the top of them.  I still might, but I am unsure if they should just be red, white and blue Americana decor or if they should be firecrackers.

I think they came out cute either way.

What do ya think?  Wick… or no wick???  (See the links to the others if you want to see what theirs look like… with wicks.)



One response to this post.

  1. Those are so cute! Thanks for the link back! You are so sweet! I think they look cute w/o wicks too! I’m loving the blue stars in the white circle! Very cool!


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