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Silhouette Giveaway at A Bowl Full of Lemons

Go here to A Bowl Full of Lemons and see her awesome giveaway for a Silhouette pack!!!  What a deal!  You can also see some cool ideas on how to use a Silhouette or a Cricut or other cutting machine if you already have one.

Check it out!


2 Personalized Tote Bags for $15 with FREE Shipping is having a special for two of their personalized tote bags for $15 with free shipping.  They are good sized bags, too.  Each tote is 19 in. x 14 in. x 4.5 in.  I think these would make super cute Easter “baskets” that you could stuff with goodies.

I pictured these being used as gym bags, dance bags, gymnastics bags, sleepover bags for kids, but could also be used as re-usable grocery totes or even work bags.  How cute would these bag be with a pic of your little ballerina in her tutu and slippers for her to use as her dance bag?

Use coupon code 2for15totes until 4/25/11 here to get this deal.


(and.. no… I don’t get anything if you buy these… I just get emails from them and think they have super good deals.)

New Deals 4/3/11

Well, folks… today is Sunday!  That means new coupons and new store deal match ups.  Hubby had to run out and get more parts to finish up his weekend plumbing job in our bathroom (that’s a whole other painful story) so I asked him to grab me a paper.  Our coupon preview has been quite sad lately so I haven’t been buying the paper.  I have just been printing the coupons and snagging up those deals.

I love that others get the ad in advance and post the deal match ups for me… and then I can share their links with you and we can all get the good info.

Wicked Cool Deals has the list of match ups, deals, and in ad coupons here for the week.  There is also that bonus coupon for $5 off any 10 corporate brand products.  This coupon rocks some super FREE stuff if you work this deal right.  Check out this link to I am That Lady to see what she thinks the best products are to use up this coupon and get the best free stuff.

I might even make time to run into Aldi this week so here is the link to Cincinnati Cents where she put together a great Aldi deal list for this week.    ***update:  I just got the paper… and for local… (wtn, ny area) The things in the ad that I got in the paper are completely different from this list.  I am not sure if this stuff is on sale in addition to the flyer we got or if it is just different due to different region.


If I find some extra super duper deals that aren’t included in these links… I will post those too.

Please fill me in if you know something that I don’t.  I really appreciate the extra info.  🙂

Happy shopping this week!

Disney Tangled Fleece Blanket $5.99 and FREE Shipping

I think this would go great with the dvd (posted deal for that earlier today) as a gift.  How cute would these two things be together in an Easter basket???

Go to Keeping Cents for the deal info.

(I got two of these blankets – the toy story one.. and minnie mouse one for my kids for Christmas.  They are really nice blankets, were bigger than I thought they were going to be and the personalization comes out so nice.  The kids love them.)

Fisher Price Trio Batcave $22 Shipped

Go here to My Frugal Adventures to see how you can get the Fisher Price Trio Batcave set on Amazon for $22 shipped!!!  I just got this for my son for Easter… along with the $14.99 Tangled dvd for my daughter.

I am thinking this is a good way to ease into lego sets without so many teeny tiny pieces.


Tangled Deals

Go here to My Frugal Adventures to see the ways that you can get the movie Tangled.  She shows a few different places with different scenarios, coupons, rebates…..   So.. check it out.

You can get the blu ray movie for as little as $14.99 at Target.

Price Chopper Deals 3/27-4/2/11

Go here to Wicked Cool Deals to get the Price Chopper deal line up for the NE Price Chopper chain.