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Father’s Day Personalized Snack Six Pack

I found this idea on Sisters’ Stuff a bit back and knew that I had to try it out for hubby since he is a super snack-aholic.  I also found a version on Nap Time Crafts.  She has a ton of great stuff.

It turned out to be a bit more than I planned on… with time and energy… and money really, but I think it came out cute and that he will like it tomorrow.

I used a six pack of Corona.  We “disposed” of the beer and I washed the bottles out with soapy water.  It takes quite a few times of rinsing to not get suds anymore.  I rinsed them in super duper hot water so that they would dry better, but still needed to jam rolled up paper towels up in there and twist to get them dried a bit better.

I got out a pack of coordinating scrapbook papers that I had.  All of the paper shown here was in one pack that I got for a buck at our dollar store called Real Deals.  They have super deals on paper packs once in a while.

I put the paper down and just traced the box leaving a bit around the edges to fold over.  I basically wrapped the box… present style.

I got all of the pieces cut out and ready to cover the box and made labels for each side.  I also realized that the paper with the bigger circles on it… happened to be perfect for the pieces to cover the caps.  The circles fit perfectly.  Nice.

I used the same sayings that she had on her labels.  I just wrote them on this paper with fine tip sharpie and cut them out by hand.

I covered the box and attached the labels. (I just used double sided scrapbooking tape to cover the box, bottles, and attach all labels.)

Then I covered the bottles with pieces of paper that I cut after just measuring around and adding a bit for overlap…. filled the bottles with my hubby’s favorite goodies (popcorn, mixed nuts, m&m’s, mike and ike, whoppers, and Reese’s pieces)… put the tops back on (that I was sure to carefully take off before)… and used a glue dot to stick the circle on.

I didn’t bother putting pictures on each bottle or doing different papers.  I think it was cute enough like this, but you could always switch it up.

Place all bottles in box… and Waalaaa!

So… There it is… different… cute …. creative….  I think it came out nice and even if it took more than I thought it would… he is worth it.  He is an amazing hubby and daddy!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!


Bubble Station

I saw this post here on It’s Always Craft Time where she took one of those lemonade-ish pitchers that have the little spout on them and turned it into a bubble refill station.  I thought the idea was super cute and something that the kids would love.  She said how she only spent five bucks on the container so I was sure I had to make one of these.

The very next day there were village wide sales in a village very close to mine and I happened to find this baby.  For THREE BUCKS!!!  Score!


The base is separate and has a little bowl area to put ice if you were to use it for drinks too. .. I did not get salad dressing at the sale… I put it there to show the scale of this thing!  HUGE!

So…. I had a few smaller bottles of dish soap that I had stashed away from couponing= FREE, some Karo syrup leftover from holiday peanut brittle making= essentially FREE, and water= FREE to make our own bubbles (this is a recipe I found online somewhere and I guess the karo syrup can be substituted with glycerin so I think it is to hold the bubbles shape for longer once in the air.)  The kids love helping with this step too, of course.  I ended up using an entire small bottle of dish soap and some of another and almost an entire bottle of karo syrup trying to get the rope bubbles to work better.  I ended up not filling the container with water because I was trying to concentrate the bubble solution more for the rope bubbles.

I had also come across an idea to make rope bubbles at one point.  You put bubbles in some sort of try and then use a rope tied into a loop to make huge bubbles.  So…

I found one of those aluminum foil toss out pans that I had leftover and a piece of rope.  The rope bubbles were a bit harder for the kids to do.  You have to hold the rope just right… leaving your fingers out of the way enough that the bubble won’t pop hitting your fingers when it is releasing from the rope.  My son was still really good at it, though.

I also just gave the kids those bubble wands that you get at the dollar store.  These are great.  You just twirl around or let the wind blow it and don’t have to hyperventilate to get some real bubbles going.

Helping make the bubbles….

Bubbles in progress…  This pitcher also has a great top that just pulls off.  When the kids are playing… if they let a ton of bubbles into the pan and they didn’t get all dirty… I just pour it back in to use next time.

Bubble wands…

He is making a rope bubble here….  (and yes that is a pile of clam shells… we had a cookout the same weekend and the kids were playing with the shells taking them in and out of the water table aka “the sea”… 😛  )

So… while we can still use this to refill smaller bottles of bubbles… my smaller kids are loving the big pan of bubbles and wands at the moment.  I am so glad that I found the original post and got the great deal on the pitcher.

I finally got some black vinyl the other day and want to make time this weekend to cut out “Bubble Station” on my cricut.  I will update with a pic when I finally do so.

*Update—  Here is the pic of the pitcher with more water and the vinyl!  I think it came out pretty good.  I am really new at the whole vinyl thing.  This was the first time I tried to put vinyl on anything using the transfer paper.

Are your kids into bubbles???   Any great bubbles recipes?  or unique ideas for fun with bubbles???

Summer Bucket List

So… I have been talking to my friend and my sister in law lately about how the summer goes by so fast.  Having young kids we always want to do so much with them, but with my husband working full time and doing all of the work on the huge addition we rarely actually get much of our quality family time in.

I saw a few different posts this morning on a couple blogs about actually creating lists so that you can actually check things off.  It seems to be so much easier… for me at least… to actually do things if I make a list or.. even better… schedule it out on the calendar.  I would give credit to the blog posts that I saw this morning…. if my blog surfing hadn’t gone off on a total tangent to where I cannot retrace my steps and find them again!!! urgh….  I will update this with the two posts if I find them.

(*update- this is not one of the ones I found before… but here is a cute one with printables!!! Positively Splendid

family summer bucket list)

Anyway….  one of the posts had a cute display where she wrote out the different things on these little luggage tag shaped scrapbooking embellishments and then used cute push pins to attach them to a bulletin board.  I would like to eventually make some cute display so that we can somehow check the things off with the kids.

I will share that when I come up with it.  For now… this is the list that I am coming up with and I am sure that I will add to it and do many other things with the kids that aren’t on the list.

Summer Bucket List-

  • Go to a parade
  • Watch fireworks
  • Go to a fair or festival
  • Camp in our backyard
  • Camp at my brother’s house with their cousin
  • Have a bonfire and make S’mores
  • Go fishing at least ten times
  • Go to the beach as a family
  • Have a park picnic day and fly kites
  • Paint rocks for our Garden and Grandma’s garden
  • Plant another tree
  • Find at least one community service that we can do as a whole family
  • Take a trip to Enchanted Forest (a semi close water park)
  • Make bird treats to hang in the trees
  • Make liquid cornstarch sidewalk chalk
  • Make shaped crayons with old crayons
  • Go to the cemetery and feed the ducks
  • Catch lightning bugs
  • Go to the drive ins as a family at least five times
  • Go to the ZOO once a week (bought a membership)
So….. I think this will be good to have things written out and check in throughout the weeks of summer to be sure we are checking some family time off.  I know the addition needs to get done and there are chore type things that have to be done, but I do not want to regret anything about parenting my children.  We need to make time for the little fun things in life… even if I have to make lists and schedule.
What is on your Summer Bucket List???

Father’s Day Finds

I am still not sure that I will be committing as I should to this blog, but I had a few things that I would like to post about and might actually have the time to post a few things.  I am not sure how religious I will be about it…. hasn’t been great lately…. but here goes.

Father’s Day is approaching… June 19th this year for those of you who haven’t checked into that yet.  I usually do some simple gifts for hubby that are homemade from the kids and/or include cute photos of the kids.  With our first child…. a son…. I started a thing where I take his picture in one of Daddy’s shirts, a tie, and standing in his work shoes.  I have done this same thing each year and plan to do it again this year.  When we had more kids…. two girls…. I didn’t think I should do the same work shirt thing.  I take some cute pics of the kids together and usually do the mug/ mouse pad thing for work and still do the shirt thing because it has become a bit of a tradition.

I have been looking around on some blogs today and found a few cute things to share.  I love the homemade gifts for father’s day especially if the kids help to make them.  I had to share a few….

*Update- I had a cute hamburger cake on here…. I am sure you could just google it and find a picture to copy and make.  It is basically a stacked round cake pan cake that is frosted to look like a burger.  It uses light brown for the bun, dark brown for the burger, a ring of yellow for cheese, red for ketchup, and then little leaves of green lettuce poking out here and there.  I had to update this and remove it after the person that I was trying to compliment by putting it in my post tweaked out and left me several messages that I needed to immediately remove it.  I notified them after posting that I posted it, but I guess I was supposed to get prior approval.  Whoops.  I never mean to offend anyone… just to compliment them by sharing their awesome ideas.  I tried to at least notify everyone that I included in this post…. and didn’t take the time to find each blogs personal sharing policy.  Oops…


Anywho….    Hopefully it is still okay that I shared these others.



Nothing But Country has a free printable for the AWesome Dad printable to attach to a pack of root beer.  Too cute.

My husband would LOVE this Daddy’s Six Pack idea from While He Was Napping.  He is a junk food junkie big time (and still has the totally hard stomach rocking body as when I married him… sooo not fair!!!).


And… if you want to go all sorts of talented and time consuming… these are SUPER cute, but would take me forever….. from Somewhat Simple.

Yes… that remote is a cookie!!!  omg….

So.. the kids are already getting squirmy.  I got a short post done.  I would like to post a few other ideas today… recipes… and a Summer Bucket List idea that I am working on.  Maybe….. I will get to it.

Disney Tangled Fleece Blanket $5.99 and FREE Shipping

I think this would go great with the dvd (posted deal for that earlier today) as a gift.  How cute would these two things be together in an Easter basket???

Go to Keeping Cents for the deal info.

(I got two of these blankets – the toy story one.. and minnie mouse one for my kids for Christmas.  They are really nice blankets, were bigger than I thought they were going to be and the personalization comes out so nice.  The kids love them.)

Fisher Price Trio Batcave $22 Shipped

Go here to My Frugal Adventures to see how you can get the Fisher Price Trio Batcave set on Amazon for $22 shipped!!!  I just got this for my son for Easter… along with the $14.99 Tangled dvd for my daughter.

I am thinking this is a good way to ease into lego sets without so many teeny tiny pieces.


Tangled Deals

Go here to My Frugal Adventures to see the ways that you can get the movie Tangled.  She shows a few different places with different scenarios, coupons, rebates…..   So.. check it out.

You can get the blu ray movie for as little as $14.99 at Target.