Father’s Day Personalized Snack Six Pack

I found this idea on Sisters’ Stuff a bit back and knew that I had to try it out for hubby since he is a super snack-aholic.  I also found a version on Nap Time Crafts.  She has a ton of great stuff.

It turned out to be a bit more than I planned on… with time and energy… and money really, but I think it came out cute and that he will like it tomorrow.

I used a six pack of Corona.  We “disposed” of the beer and I washed the bottles out with soapy water.  It takes quite a few times of rinsing to not get suds anymore.  I rinsed them in super duper hot water so that they would dry better, but still needed to jam rolled up paper towels up in there and twist to get them dried a bit better.

I got out a pack of coordinating scrapbook papers that I had.  All of the paper shown here was in one pack that I got for a buck at our dollar store called Real Deals.  They have super deals on paper packs once in a while.

I put the paper down and just traced the box leaving a bit around the edges to fold over.  I basically wrapped the box… present style.

I got all of the pieces cut out and ready to cover the box and made labels for each side.  I also realized that the paper with the bigger circles on it… happened to be perfect for the pieces to cover the caps.  The circles fit perfectly.  Nice.

I used the same sayings that she had on her labels.  I just wrote them on this paper with fine tip sharpie and cut them out by hand.

I covered the box and attached the labels. (I just used double sided scrapbooking tape to cover the box, bottles, and attach all labels.)

Then I covered the bottles with pieces of paper that I cut after just measuring around and adding a bit for overlap…. filled the bottles with my hubby’s favorite goodies (popcorn, mixed nuts, m&m’s, mike and ike, whoppers, and Reese’s pieces)… put the tops back on (that I was sure to carefully take off before)… and used a glue dot to stick the circle on.

I didn’t bother putting pictures on each bottle or doing different papers.  I think it was cute enough like this, but you could always switch it up.

Place all bottles in box… and Waalaaa!

So… There it is… different… cute …. creative….  I think it came out nice and even if it took more than I thought it would… he is worth it.  He is an amazing hubby and daddy!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!


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