Bubble Station

I saw this post here on It’s Always Craft Time where she took one of those lemonade-ish pitchers that have the little spout on them and turned it into a bubble refill station.  I thought the idea was super cute and something that the kids would love.  She said how she only spent five bucks on the container so I was sure I had to make one of these.

The very next day there were village wide sales in a village very close to mine and I happened to find this baby.  For THREE BUCKS!!!  Score!


The base is separate and has a little bowl area to put ice if you were to use it for drinks too.  And..no .. I did not get salad dressing at the sale… I put it there to show the scale of this thing!  HUGE!

So…. I had a few smaller bottles of dish soap that I had stashed away from couponing= FREE, some Karo syrup leftover from holiday peanut brittle making= essentially FREE, and water= FREE to make our own bubbles (this is a recipe I found online somewhere and I guess the karo syrup can be substituted with glycerin so I think it is to hold the bubbles shape for longer once in the air.)  The kids love helping with this step too, of course.  I ended up using an entire small bottle of dish soap and some of another and almost an entire bottle of karo syrup trying to get the rope bubbles to work better.  I ended up not filling the container with water because I was trying to concentrate the bubble solution more for the rope bubbles.

I had also come across an idea to make rope bubbles at one point.  You put bubbles in some sort of try and then use a rope tied into a loop to make huge bubbles.  So…

I found one of those aluminum foil toss out pans that I had leftover and a piece of rope.  The rope bubbles were a bit harder for the kids to do.  You have to hold the rope just right… leaving your fingers out of the way enough that the bubble won’t pop hitting your fingers when it is releasing from the rope.  My son was still really good at it, though.

I also just gave the kids those bubble wands that you get at the dollar store.  These are great.  You just twirl around or let the wind blow it and don’t have to hyperventilate to get some real bubbles going.

Helping make the bubbles….

Bubbles in progress…  This pitcher also has a great top that just pulls off.  When the kids are playing… if they let a ton of bubbles into the pan and they didn’t get all dirty… I just pour it back in to use next time.

Bubble wands…

He is making a rope bubble here….  (and yes that is a pile of clam shells… we had a cookout the same weekend and the kids were playing with the shells taking them in and out of the water table aka “the sea”… 😛  )

So… while we can still use this to refill smaller bottles of bubbles… my smaller kids are loving the big pan of bubbles and wands at the moment.  I am so glad that I found the original post and got the great deal on the pitcher.

I finally got some black vinyl the other day and want to make time this weekend to cut out “Bubble Station” on my cricut.  I will update with a pic when I finally do so.

*Update—  Here is the pic of the pitcher with more water and the vinyl!  I think it came out pretty good.  I am really new at the whole vinyl thing.  This was the first time I tried to put vinyl on anything using the transfer paper.

Are your kids into bubbles???   Any great bubbles recipes?  or unique ideas for fun with bubbles???

2 responses to this post.

  1. I love that pitcher, it’s adorable!!


    • I know.. right? I am so glad that I found it… and just in time! Oh.. and that it was THREE BUCKS! I just added an update with a new photo of the pitcher with the vinyl! Hope ya like it. Thanks for reading!


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