Spring Wreath Turned Summer Wreath?

I picked up a few bunches of flowers from the Dollar General in white and purple to coordinate with the hurricane vases that I did.  They were a buck a bunch and I ended up only using one bunch of white and one of purple here.

I wanted to add something to this wreath to be able to use it all through summer too and get my moneys worth out of the pretty yellow wreath.  I used some wire snips and clipped each bunch of flowers from the main bunch and just spaced them evenly around the wreath doing the purple first and then putting the white in between each purple bunch.

My orange butterfly has been fading from the sun… so I am wondering if I should remove it.

I only stuck the flowers in for now and plan to attach them with floral wire once I decide that they will stay for a while.

So… what do ya think?

Before- (spring wreath version)


*Update-  I didn’t like the butterfly on there still… both due to the fading and because the orange seemed out of place so I removed it and the hummingbird.  Now do I leave it like this… with just these flowers?  Do I add a few.. say three bigger flowers of either purple or white?  Do they have to be the same type of flower .. though…?  Do I add some sort of ribbon… bow… other embellishment instead???  hmmm….




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