Summer Bucket List

So… I have been talking to my friend and my sister in law lately about how the summer goes by so fast.  Having young kids we always want to do so much with them, but with my husband working full time and doing all of the work on the huge addition we rarely actually get much of our quality family time in.

I saw a few different posts this morning on a couple blogs about actually creating lists so that you can actually check things off.  It seems to be so much easier… for me at least… to actually do things if I make a list or.. even better… schedule it out on the calendar.  I would give credit to the blog posts that I saw this morning…. if my blog surfing hadn’t gone off on a total tangent to where I cannot retrace my steps and find them again!!! urgh….  I will update this with the two posts if I find them.

(*update- this is not one of the ones I found before… but here is a cute one with printables!!! Positively Splendid

family summer bucket list)

Anyway….  one of the posts had a cute display where she wrote out the different things on these little luggage tag shaped scrapbooking embellishments and then used cute push pins to attach them to a bulletin board.  I would like to eventually make some cute display so that we can somehow check the things off with the kids.

I will share that when I come up with it.  For now… this is the list that I am coming up with and I am sure that I will add to it and do many other things with the kids that aren’t on the list.

Summer Bucket List-

  • Go to a parade
  • Watch fireworks
  • Go to a fair or festival
  • Camp in our backyard
  • Camp at my brother’s house with their cousin
  • Have a bonfire and make S’mores
  • Go fishing at least ten times
  • Go to the beach as a family
  • Have a park picnic day and fly kites
  • Paint rocks for our Garden and Grandma’s garden
  • Plant another tree
  • Find at least one community service that we can do as a whole family
  • Take a trip to Enchanted Forest (a semi close water park)
  • Make bird treats to hang in the trees
  • Make liquid cornstarch sidewalk chalk
  • Make shaped crayons with old crayons
  • Go to the cemetery and feed the ducks
  • Catch lightning bugs
  • Go to the drive ins as a family at least five times
  • Go to the ZOO once a week (bought a membership)
So….. I think this will be good to have things written out and check in throughout the weeks of summer to be sure we are checking some family time off.  I know the addition needs to get done and there are chore type things that have to be done, but I do not want to regret anything about parenting my children.  We need to make time for the little fun things in life… even if I have to make lists and schedule.
What is on your Summer Bucket List???

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