Father’s Day Finds

I am still not sure that I will be committing as I should to this blog, but I had a few things that I would like to post about and might actually have the time to post a few things.  I am not sure how religious I will be about it…. hasn’t been great lately…. but here goes.

Father’s Day is approaching… June 19th this year for those of you who haven’t checked into that yet.  I usually do some simple gifts for hubby that are homemade from the kids and/or include cute photos of the kids.  With our first child…. a son…. I started a thing where I take his picture in one of Daddy’s shirts, a tie, and standing in his work shoes.  I have done this same thing each year and plan to do it again this year.  When we had more kids…. two girls…. I didn’t think I should do the same work shirt thing.  I take some cute pics of the kids together and usually do the mug/ mouse pad thing for work and still do the shirt thing because it has become a bit of a tradition.

I have been looking around on some blogs today and found a few cute things to share.  I love the homemade gifts for father’s day especially if the kids help to make them.  I had to share a few….

*Update- I had a cute hamburger cake on here…. I am sure you could just google it and find a picture to copy and make.  It is basically a stacked round cake pan cake that is frosted to look like a burger.  It uses light brown for the bun, dark brown for the burger, a ring of yellow for cheese, red for ketchup, and then little leaves of green lettuce poking out here and there.  I had to update this and remove it after the person that I was trying to compliment by putting it in my post tweaked out and left me several messages that I needed to immediately remove it.  I notified them after posting that I posted it, but I guess I was supposed to get prior approval.  Whoops.  I never mean to offend anyone… just to compliment them by sharing their awesome ideas.  I tried to at least notify everyone that I included in this post…. and didn’t take the time to find each blogs personal sharing policy.  Oops…


Anywho….    Hopefully it is still okay that I shared these others.



Nothing But Country has a free printable for the AWesome Dad printable to attach to a pack of root beer.  Too cute.

My husband would LOVE this Daddy’s Six Pack idea from While He Was Napping.  He is a junk food junkie big time (and still has the totally hard stomach rocking body as when I married him… sooo not fair!!!).


And… if you want to go all sorts of talented and time consuming… these are SUPER cute, but would take me forever….. from Somewhat Simple.

Yes… that remote is a cookie!!!  omg….

So.. the kids are already getting squirmy.  I got a short post done.  I would like to post a few other ideas today… recipes… and a Summer Bucket List idea that I am working on.  Maybe….. I will get to it.


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  1. That burger cake rocks! Great ideas.


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