Bathroom- New Green

I finally got some new paint for the bathroom!!!  Yippie!   I thought….

I tried to do it a bit smarter this time and bought three samples.  I got the color I thought I wanted and then the shade lighter and darker.  I ended up picking the shade in the middle…. anyway….

So.. after a very long painting experience (trying to do it all myself while watching three children three and under because hubby had to work late)… and a few other mishaps- falling through and busting the toilet seat.. and my son getting covered in paint….. I got it done all yesterday!

So… this is the before before….. when I decided I wanted green…..

Then the first green… that was sooo mixed wrong.. and then I had them try to fix it… didn’t come out right.  I kept painting hoping it would grow on me, but it didn’t.

And… the new green…. dill….  (color was meant originally to pick up the green in the leaves of the shower curtain….)

(yes… I know the molding isn’t attached and you can see the blue… hubby had to order a new motor for the washer.. so he is leaving the molding off until he is done fixing that.  Hopefully he doesn’t mess up the paint!)

So… I think paint colors look so different depending on the time of day, lighting, where you are.. and then they all look different in photos.  I think I like it.  I definitely like it waaaaay more than that bright neon green.  That is for sure.

And… if you noticed.. the other changes that I made are-

I painted the basket for the tp brown from that light wicker color….

I also painted the clock from the bright blue to the dark brown…

I added some chocolate brown vinyl flowers that I cut with my cricut to the washing machine.  I am not sure about these yet.  I was going to try and add more maybe to make more of a pattern.  I know they are random right now.  I did not do these to just add flowers.  There were these yucky yellow marks on there since we got it five years ago… and then it broke last week and hubby had to use a big grinder to get the screws on the bottom off… which made more marks.  These are covering the marks…. hence… random.

I used to have pics of the two older kids in the tub (important parts not showing.. of course)…. on a pretty brown scrapbook paper in these white frames.  I am not sure if I will put those back up.  (This last pic showing the vinyl is with the old green)

So.. the new color definitely darkened the room up a bit, but it seems more soft and calm.

What do ya think?   About the color…..   the spray painted basket and clock…..   the vinyl on the washer…..   the prints???

Oh.. and I forgot to show ya… This is what happens when you “hop” onto the closed hard plastic toilet seat from the step stool because you thought you heard the front door open and wanted to hurry and make sure no children escaped!!!  The top is in half… the seat is too… if you can tell from the pic… the bolted area is all broken off… and the seat went right over to the left there and put a nice dent in the newly painted wall!!!!   We needed a new seat anyway…..  too bad the hardware store was closed last night when I went to go get one!


And… forgot to say…. I saw on some blog in blogland where the woman had the faucet in the bathroom with two plastic knobs.. she took them off and make new tags to put under there.  One said “hot”.. one said “cold”… then she did funny things… like “happy”  and “easter”… etc….    I think I am going to make a new tag for in here…. and may try to make some sort of vinyl to cover the ugly soap thingy too…….


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