New Bedroom Ideas- HELP!

So….  We have been slooooowly working on an addition to our house for quite some time now.  We got married in 2006 and built a tiny little house that was meant to be temporary until we found our dream house to buy.  Then we got pregnant the first time.  Hubby added a second room into our open lofted upstairs bedroom to function as the nursery.  Not long after having baby number one we decided that we would stay in our house as long as we could put on a HUGE addition.  We got a great deal on the property so we made the decision to slowly add on and stay here.

We made up plans that we would be more than doubling our house.  We will have five new bedroom sized rooms and a new huge living room.  Cut to now…..   three kids three and under…..   hubby doing ALL of the work himself from the plans, drawings, digging, building, pouring, framing, electrical, plumbing…. eventually all of the insulation studs, walls, mudding, sanding, painting… all by himself while working a full time job and being a super involved daddy.  We still are waiting to use the addition.


Years have gone by….  plans have changed….. and I have a ton of ideas, saved pics from magazines or other blogs, hopes and dreams for all that the completed house will be.


All… except our master bedroom.  I have nothing… nada….. no inspiration… no ideas…. nothing.

So… I wanted to show you the bed that we got used off of craigslist.  I loved this bed at first because it was king sized … which we wanted… and was the right price.  I liked it more because it was solid wood and I knew it was good construction.  As time has gone by I like it less and less and really don’t care for the flower in the middle.


The comforter is a worn out bed in a bag type thing that really needs to go, but I am not ready to spend a decent amount of money on a new set until I know what I want for design for our new master bedroom.  This set up will not be it.  Our room will be in the new part of the house with a regular enclosed closet.

My husband and I both are huge fans of solid wood and the real wood look without painting over beautiful grainy and knotty wood.  My problem is that we are going to need night stands and a dresser or two to go in the new room.  I know that I won’t be able to match the woods and this bed already has the black iron across the top.  I already don’t love the flower (which I don’t think you can tell from the poorly lit photos, but is a maroon-ish color).

My idea is to prime and paint the entire bed black.  That way I can get whatever pieces that I can find that are cheap and match a bit in style rather than color.  I can paint those pieces and everything will look like it will go together.


My questions for help from you….. is…. should I paint the bed black?  Where should I go with the bedroom look from there?  I really like crisp, clean, fluffy look for the bedroom without being too feminine … but I don’t know if that will work with a black bed.  Maybe I should paint all of the furniture white???


To give you an idea of the rest of the decor style in the house—   the kitchen has bright golden yellow walls with more of a classy Italy wine decor mixed with reds and greens in pretty flowers (not grape covered everything wine decor); the living room has black leather furniture and will be mixed with African decor- paintings with bright colors that we got from Africa and some pieces like elephants, giraffes, African masks; I am still finishing the bathroom since my disastrous repaint job, but that is tan, white, brown, and the walls will be a sage tone green.


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