Bows and Flowers as Hair, Shoe, and Shirt Clips

This is what I did today at nap time…  even though only one of three was napping… I still got a bit done.

My idea was to have bows and flowers that can be used as hair clips (individually or as a set), as hair clips, or on shirts.  I didn’t want to have to make separate sets for each so I decided velcro could solve my little issue.

I found some shoes that I had been gathering (hand me down, second hand, or super clearance with coupon almost free).  These are all the ones that I found in storage that are the size my older daughter is going into for Spring/Summer season.

I got together the plain colored ones that I could switch out embellishments to make a bit more fun.

These are some cute white shoes, but they could be cuter.

Stitch pick the bow and remove.

Clean up the shoe and add velcro.  I used sticky velcro and hot glue.

Make a ton of bows and flowers that have velcro on the backs of them.

And….. swap out the fun stuff to make this one white pair of shoes turn into many many pair of super cute shoes.

I also made this little piece out of felt that has a bit of velcro on each end so that I can attach the embellishments around a strap without adding velcro to the strap.

(These aren’t exactly the cutest color combos, but I was working fast and just wanted to try out the concept.  There will be many more ideas of attachments including organza flowers, beads, lace….)

These two were also done using the felt strap part.

Use alligator clips with basic colors glued to them as a base.  Add velcro….. and you can swap out the bows and flowers on the alligator clip.  These clips are great because they can be clipped to headbands for my girls that don’t have much for hair.

I made this faux necklace shirt a while back and have been waiting to add a flower or bow to one side.  Today… I added velcro (just the sticky kind to see how it looked, but I want to add the sew on velcro for longevity.)  Now I can swap out the embellishment on this too.

So… that is what I came up with for now.  I have a ton of ideas and quite a bit of supplies.  I would like to make shoe clips for my shoes too and I have all sorts of plans for different beads, flowers, lace, fabric, felt, twisting, twirling, cutting, pom poms…….. the possibilities are endless now.

What do ya think???  Neat… right…. ???

(I also made a tutu today….. and want to post pics of that with my model showing it off….. and want to post pics of these shoes, shirt, and hair clips with my two models showing them off when I get a chance to convince them to cooperate.  🙂  )


6 responses to this post.

  1. That’s awesome Lesley!! Great job!


  2. Posted by Corinne on March 22, 2011 at 1:21 am

    Those look sooo awesome!!! I wish I had a girl to use them with….I will def get them or make them for my niece… You should sell them!! I would soooo buy them!!! Such a great idea to use the velcro on everything – makes it so versatile!!! Very crafty!!


  3. Posted by Phyllis on March 22, 2011 at 1:31 am

    You’re so clever and crafty. They’re great. I’m proud of you.


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