Menu Plan 3/14-3/20/11

Okay… so….  I am doing the menu plan today because I still have not gone shopping for this week and am not sure I will be able to go shopping next week.  I decided to make a double list for when I go (today hopefully) and work off of what we have.

The stomach bug has been rotating in the house and it hasn’t hit me yet (yes… I know I shouldn’t have just jinxed myself.. but I know I am going to get it anyway).  So… as of right now… the following is the menu plan, but will most likely change.  I did include quite a few one dish or casserole type meals that I am pretty sure the hubby could follow directions and make.

Monday–  Baked Pasta (penne) with Butternut Squash and Ricotta

Tuesday–  Sweet and Sour Pork (Grandpa’s Recipe previously posted)

Wednesday–  Leftovers

Thursday–  Chicken Divan

Friday– Our Anniversary – Hoping for a date night Friday or Saturday…. we shall see….

Saturday–  Shepherd’s Pie

Sunday– Leftovers (we keep having a ton of leftovers.. and I want to be sure to use them up instead of making another meal just because I put it on the menu on my blog.)

and… I already know I am making some sort of coconut shrimp next week.  I found a super simple recipe and have some coconut to use up.


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