Kitchen Tin Tile Back Splash

Last year I found some floral printed tin tiles for back splash on LTD Commodities.  I bought two packs and tiled the wall behind the stove and the super small section on either side.  I kept having to clean stuff off of the paint from cooking and thought that these would clean up easier.  I was right.  They came and were so simple to put up.  You can cut them with regular scissors and a bit of elbow grease, but not bad for installing a decent looking back splash.

A few months ago I noticed how beat up the painted walls were getting in the other area of the kitchen.  To the left of the sink we have a section of wall that is so close that pans and dishes get banged into it all the time.  The wall was looking pretty rough.

To the right of the sink I often pile dishes there, resting them against the wall after I wash them until I dry them.  This was beating up the entire other wall.



I got the bright idea to get back on LTD Commodities online and get a few more packs and do the rest of the kitchen and hope that it wouldn’t be too much copper.  Well…. I guess a bunch of other people had the idea to get on and order them too because they didn’t have any left.  I searched for a few months only finding a few places that had the exact tiles and realizing that they would be about three times the price now… I held off and periodically looked for them cheaper.

The whole cheaper thing never happened and I finally caved realizing that if I waited too much longer I might never get the exact tiles and then I would have to start all over replacing the ones that were already up.  It would all need to match.  I ordered four more sets.

They got here today!!!  And.. lucky me…. my mom had happened to stop by!  FREE help!  Score!

She helped put the adhesives on and I cut around outlets and edges… and …..





What do ya think?  Better right?  I hope that the tiles hold up against the abuse while I do the dishes.  It will certainly be tougher than the painted wall and much easier to clean.  I think I like it.


Here is a sneak at what I will be working on next (along with the oldest child starting school next week and me freaking out)….

Pretty stuff for the girlies…..  tutus, hair bows, shirt clips, shoe clips…..   🙂

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by cathy mom on March 9, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    wow.that is just perfect.thank goodness your mom stopped by,although you could have done it without her,i am sure the help was welcomed. hahahaha.All in all nice job,looks great.


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