My Spring Wreath and Hurricane Vases 2011

So I posted about a St. Patty’s wreath and then about the spring ones that I was finding.  I ended up at Jo Ann’s today and decided to skip over the St. Patty’s one and pick something that was definitely spring, but might even work on into summer if I need it to.

I found this pretty yellow spray style wreath already all done and put together for me.  It wasn’t super cheap, but was on sale 30% off.  I then found this little orange butterfly and the little green and yellow hummingbird that were also 30% off.  They have little metal clips on the back so I was able to clip them on to the wreath and just hang it up.


I am not sure if I am done with it or not.  I wanted to do a cluster of a few different size butterflies and no bird, but this was all that they had.  The other butterflies that they had were bright non-real colors with jewels on them.  I was going for realistic.  You also can’t see the bird as well as I thought you would be able to because the colors blend in quite a bit.

I was thinking that I could use this for a bit longer by adding different things to it.  If I find a little nest with easter eggs in it for Easter time, that would work.  I was thinking I could find sprays of other flowers that I could pull apart and add in for a different look into summer too.  Purple or white would work nice I think.



I found a few bunches of white a purple flowers that were 50% off (all spring flowers at my Jo Ann’s are 50% off right now) and thought that I could make those work in the hurricane vases that I made before.  I used some of the funky potpourri-ish mix that I found a while back at the dollar store for the filler in the bottom and then cut the white flowers apart so that they would spread way out around the vase.  I stuck the whole purple bunch in there right as a bunch- the height worked perfect.  I think these came out cute.

I have two windows that I do these in.  Each window has a deep sill and one of the large real plants with the same pots.  I add the hurricane vase and usually one other thing.  I may fill my other short squatty vases with easter grass and eggs if I find the right color (not neon) or add some sort of little ceramic bunny if I find something that strikes me (Pottery Barn has a lot of the cute plain white ceramic ones that I am liking, but way expensive.).

I uses a few of the white flowers from the hurricanes for those little vases that I got at Target back before Valentine’s day.  They say live, laugh, and love on them, but I have turned them around so they look just white now.  Not sure I like these yet either, but nothing looks good to me in there with that ugly green wall paint.  I think it will work for now.


So… there is a bit of spring decor for the house so far.  The bright crisp colors make me feel good even though you can see the huge snow banks out the same windows.  I will be on the hunt for a few additional touches and maybe some more butterflies.

I went in such a different direction with the wreath that I think I will be constantly messing with it for months to come.  I had all these plans to do a super cheap, but cute homemade spring wreath.  This was basically no work and not crafty at all… so…. I am not sure about it all yet.

What do ya think?  Addition suggestions?

What are you finding and using to welcome spring into your home?


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