Season-Serve Container

Okay…. so Hubby got a few steaks at the store and is requesting a steak dinner tonight.  He also bought some marinades and is talking about trying to get the grill going.  I guess he is looking forward to spring too!  Too bad we are having a heat wave here in nny right now and it’s only 40 degrees out!

Anyway… I was getting the meat ready to marinate and decided that since I shared some other favorite Tupperware products that I would show the Season-Serve container by Tupperware.

This thing is awesome!  It has ridged bottom in the base and on the lid because it is meant to flip back and forth.  You put a little marinade down, place the meat on top, more marinade and then pop it in the fridge and just flip it over once in a while.  I only put three skinny steaks in here, but it actually works better with more meat.  You can fit a ton in here because you can mound it up.  The lid is as deep as the bottom and it holds a ton.

The ridges let the marinade actually get in under the meat on both sides instead of having the meat just set on the bottom flat.  This container is awesome to marinate meat and veggies and the super seal locks everything in even if you need to marinate overnight.

Check it out here and get your order in with grilling season just around the corner!

(Click “shop our product gallery” and then “preparation” on the left hand side to find it.)


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  1. I am a completely horrible foodie. With that said, OMG I LOVE YOUR FINGERNAIL POLISH! What is it called and where did you get it? Gorgeous!!


    • Too funny! I can’t believe that you can even see it. You must have much better eyes than I do. Thanks though. It is called “No Shrinking Violet” 790 by Revlon. Nothing fancy.. sorry… 😛 Thanks for reading…


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