CARS Activity Book Done

I got the last few materials that I needed to finish up that printable CARS activity book that I posted about here.

I had printed all of the pages out on white card stock, cut out what I needed to, laminated everything, and then cut everything out again.  I found an old red binder that I thought would work and three hole punches all of the pages.


I stapled the pages together of the colors and shapes booklets to make mini books that I keep in the front pocket of the binder.  I stapled the little pocket to hold the counting cards and attached it to the front sleeve of the binder with one of those small black office clips.

I ordered a roll of sticky velcro and just used regular scissors (that really need to be cleaned up after) to cut little pieces.  I used velcro for the labeling shapes game, making the car names, and the make a pattern game.


I also ordered a binder pencil pouch and a set of neat double sided with erasers dry erase markers.  I put that at the front.  You can see it in the first few pics.  He will use these to trace the 2 Ms, trace the number page and draw the line to the correct spot for “Cars Counting”, and for the “Help the car win the race!” game.

The velcro pieces and the pencil case added quite a bit of thickness to the original pages.  I also want to print out more of these sets.  I think I might use a bigger binder and add some more sets with binder tab dividers between sections.

I also think that I will still get another set of markers and another pencil case to have a second binder so that the two older kids can each play with one at the same time.

I can’t wait to get making the Brown Bear one!

(Make sure you check out my post that I linked to at the beginning if you didn’t see it before and check out these kits.  There are a lot of FREE printables!)


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