My (almost completed) Homemade Grocery List Pad


Okay… so I posted here about making your own grocery list pad.  I finally did mine… well… almost.  I didn’t drill the holes and put the posts in, but I did the rest.  I just have it clipped together right now.

This second picture above shows how I had a whole roll of magnet so I used that instead of the ones she shows in the original post.  I tried the first two strips and it wouldn’t hold this heavy pad.  I added the second two and it works great.  I thought it seemed excessive, but if you look at the pad on the left by Post-It.. that magnet is pretty hefty too.

I used a tiny strip of scrapbook paper that I had used on my home management binder.  Now they match.

I changed a few things on her template to fit my family needs a little closer, but it was super easy.  So now I have enough for one a week for a year all in this one pad.  Loving it and hubby seems to like it too.

Did you make yours yet?  It really only takes minutes.  The longest part is waiting for the printer to print 26 copies.  So.. go… make one.


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