More Kitchen Organization

So.. Week #4 of the Weekly Cleaning Challenges at A Bowl Full of Lemons was Kitchen Organization.  In the 21 Day challenge she did a few different areas of the kitchen, but wanted us to share any further areas of organization that we wanted.

I was so excited to see that Toni uses Tupperware brand containers in her kitchen.  I thought that with how awesomely organized she is, she must know about the real Tupperware brand containers called Modular Mates.  I actually started selling Tupperware because of these modular mates and because of the Fridge Smart containers (keep fruits and veggies for waaaaay longer in the fridge.)

I keep my spice packets in a mini rectangle modular mate.

I keep my coffee and tea in a rectangle modular mate number 4.

I keep popcorn in a rectangle number 2 because it fits perfectly.  I just cut out the front of the box to my less fat version popcorn to keep the two kinds separate in the box.

I keep hubby’s breakfast drinks in a basket, but they would fit perfectly in a rectangle number two as well.  I use the basket because hubby likes to be able to just reach in and grab a packet in the morning.

We keep breads (tortillas, pitas, english muffins, bagels, bread) all in a bin on top of the fridge.  We used to keep everything loose on top of the fridge and I would end up getting on a stool and seeing that we had four different quarter loaves of bread up there.  The basket is so much easier to grab the whole thing down and see what we have.

I use modular mates in the snack cabinet too.  I know that this cabinet holds rectangular modular mates (they fit from front to back of the cabinet perfectly) and I can fit up to a six high level.  They don’t make six high level, but this means that I can fit two number twos and two number ones. 2+2+1+1= 6.  Get it?  All modular mates work like this.  LOVE it.

That is a number five super oval modular mate with crackers in it.  See how it is one short container shorter than the stack of six?

I posted before my other cabinets of pantry stuff that I also use modular mates.  I prefer the super ovals and rectangles because they are about eleven inches deep and go from front to back perfectly.

My other secrets for organization are extra shelves.  They have the wire racks that are great for letting you use up the height of each cabinet.  I use these in a few cabinets like this one with pans in it.  I can separate the cookie sheets, muffin tins, cooling racks, and cake pans on the top from the pie plates, bread pans, and toaster oven pans on the bottom.

The second way to add extra shelves is one that many don’t think of.  You can go to a home improvement store (we went to Lowe’s) and get big long shelves already treated and ready to go.  You then buy extra pegs that hold the shelves (Look at the inside of your cabinets.. they have extra holes for moving shelves… use them to add more shelves.) and have the shelf cut or cut it yourself.  I added extra shelves to just about every cabinet in the kitchen.  They come in a few wood colors and white.  Mine don’t match exactly, but they are close enough for the price and how happy they make me.  The link to my other post with pantry cabinets shows how I added extra shelves to my can cabinet to fit the can heights.  No more toppling cans.

This board is at Lowe’s for $10.46 for 36 inches by 16 inches.  Then they have longer ones if you need more or different sizes.

Real Organized 36"L x 16"W White Melamine Shelf BoardSo… those are my extra kitchen organization tips or ideas that I like.

I don’t really do much for parties right now for Tupperware anymore, but am still considered an active consultant so… feel free to visit my Tupperware site and browse what they have and order from my site, of course.

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  1. Ooh, Tupperware! Off to visit your site.


    • Cool. I just love the stuff. I never thought that I would sell anything that does parties, but fell in love with the stuff. Any commission that I ever made doing parties I spent on Tupperware! I have almost everything in the catalog besides the cookware. Let me know if you have any questions or want to place an order! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog.


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