Pre-School Packs and Great Resource

I found this site here called 1+1+1=1 (I haven’t found on the site yet why it is named that…), but anyway…. it happens to have quite a few cute resources.  She is a stay at home mom that home schools too.

They have all these packs for preschool and tot aged kids.  There are packs for farm, dinosaurs, Thomas the train, Handy Manny, Word World, Dinosaur Train, Big Machines, Holidays, etc.  This first picture below is of a tot pack that she has meant to be made with a manila folder cut in half, but you can make them however you want.

I found the pre school packs that she has put together through another site and printed out the cars one– the pre k pack and the tots pack.  I printed it on white card stock and cut most of it out.  I have to figure out how I want it all to go together, laminate the pieces, cut them out again, and put it all together.  I am putting my pages in a small binder.  I am laminating the sheets so that my kids can use dry erase markers on them and do them over and over.  Some of the pages require you to cut out cards that they match up, spell with, make patterns, etc.  I am going to attach velcro to those after they are laminated so that they can work with those.  I plan on picking up some of those binder pencil cases that zip up to put the pieces in and the dry erase markers.  I wish I had this done in time for our trip last weekend.  I think it would have been great to play with in the car or at the hotel too.


I am loving the Tot Pack she has on Brown Bear, Brown Bear too.  I think my daughter would super love this one.  So this is next.  She also has a pack similar to the CARS pack on Princesses coming soon.

This is one of the sheets to play heads and tails where you match them up.  I think this would be good laminated with velcro too.

This bear one is on there too and would be great laminated with velcro.



I just had to share because all of the stuff that she puts together she shares for free.  I think it is great that someone takes the time to put all this neat stuff together and just wants to share it with the rest of us instead of trying to make money on selling the downloads.


If you have kids or teach I think you should check out this site and see what she has on there.  Please comment and let me know if you find anything that you love and want me to know about.  I love these little packs because I know my kids will love working with them.


I will repost once I get these done and share how they came out.  I am really excited for them to be done.  I know the kids will love them.


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  2. […] I got the last few materials that I needed to finish up that printable CARS activity book that I posted about here. […]


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