Make Your Own Grocery List Pad





This grocery list pad was featured on Infarrantly Creative as a cute neighbor gift idea, but I am so making one later today… and it is for ME!  🙂

At first glance of the idea I thought that no way would I be able to use someone else’s list.  Then I saw that you can download her version and just type right in it to make it your own.  Awesome!  Then I started to read through it to fix it and make it my own and realized that there isn’t a ton that would be all that different.  This is super easy.  If you buy those magnetic pads to hang on the fridge like I do…. you can sometimes find them at dollar stores, but they can be up to around four or five bucks at other stores.

I love how she divided it up into categories so that even hubby can mark it down the right way.  🙂  This will make for easier shopping too.  I used to write the food items near the top and the non food near the bottom of my blank notepads, but this will work so much better.


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