Back on Track

Okay… so we went away for the weekend for the first time as a family of five.  You would think that since we were only going for one overnight a measly three hours away we would just pop some clothes in the car and take off.

Well… no… we packed enough stuff that you would think we were going to another country for two weeks.  My son gets car sick after about 20 minutes in the car so we had all that fun.

Needless to say…. I did not get my menu plan done last night…. I didn’t even remember to get the Sunday paper :(…. I have looked up zero deals to share… and my living room is still covered in all of the stuff that we had to plop there when we got back last night.

It was so nice to get away and make memories with my family, but what a weekend…

Oh.. and we were driving the whole time on pins and needles because my truck failed to pass inspection the Friday before we left.  Don’t worry… we weren’t driving in an unsafe vehicle.  Hubby fixed the problem Friday night… but we weren’t able to get it inspected before we left.

So… let me catch up a bit around this house.  I will look up the online Price Chopper flyer and post the deals and this week’s menu plan.


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