Home Management Binder

Week #1 at A Bowl Full of Lemons was to make a Home Management Binder. I sort of had this started already, but the sections were found in different areas.

I keep a notebook on the bar at all times to jot things down- projects, meal ideas, sale and coupon matchups, to do lists, things I want to do or get for the house…etc.  I also had a binder a while ago that I would keep the plans for the addition of our house and all of my gazillion ideas for decorating that, the budget info., and some gardening stuff.

I was using the notebook lately for making up my weekly menus, but that was getting pretty unorganized and confusing.



This is the new Home Management Binder.  I included tabs for Menu Planning, Gardening, New House, Decor/Crafts, Cleaning, and Budget.

I made up these charts for helping me plan my weekly menu.  I actually saw a similar layout somewhere else, but this one better fits the way that I plan.  I have a second page behind these for my list of meals that I want to have again or try.

This is the cleaning chart that I made.  I have one printed out and laminated that I keep on the side of the fridge for quick glance.  I put one in here in case I need to check it out when I am looking in my binder or if something gets erased (I have everything written on the chart with dry erase for now).

The gardening section has info. on crops that I have grown that I printed out here.  They have planners, guides, and great information on the crops that you put in.  I also have sketched out plan for crop placement so that I know how to rotate them the next year.  I use a lot of information by Mel Bartholomew that does Square Foot Gardening.  He has a site and a few books.  Check your local library for the books.  You can learn the basics and return the book.  I know our local library has his books.

We also try to plant at least a tree a year since we have lived here.  I made a really junky drawing on regular lined paper with dots as to where we put the tree, what kind it is, and the date that we planted it.  I just thought that it would be neat to have this info later on.

I also keep sketches of flower bed layouts that I have had or like and magazine clippings of inspiration.


This year I will be adding a section for CSAs.  I want to keep track of what we get, how much, and when to give me an idea for future years.

I made up some new sheets of photos that include inspiration from other rooms that I have seen combined with photos of things that I already have and want to include in the room.  Our addition project is quite involved.  We will have five new bedrooms and a new living room.  A wall in the now house will come down combining our tiny used to be dining room now play room with our tiny now living room to make one big nice new dining area. (confusing? sorry..)  We have a ton of stuff that we had or have gotten for when the house is done, but can’t fit in here now.  I have to use photos to remind myself.


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