Blog Feature- Pink and Green Mama

I don’t even remember how, but I came across this blog yesterday and had to share.  She has so many cute projects that she does with her kiddos.  If you have kids or are ever thinking of having kids- you need to bookmark this page.  Pink and Green Mama.


Here are a few examples of projects that I found.

This SUPER cute cozy coup re-do

Then one of her readers lovingly lifted her idea and did this one….

How cute are these????   Right…..


She made cornstarch sidewalk paint here that is so easy and cute….

She does these sensory boxes…. this one is “Ocean In a Box”

She also has a construction one and a winter one.


They made backyard gazing balls from a project in Family Fun magazine here.


Well those are a few of the projects that I found and like.  She has a great list of her favorite art supplies for toddlers and preschoolers too that is nice.  So… go check it out… I am sure you will be browsing for a bit and getting inspired.


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