Recipe Organization


I have a button on my blog for doing the Weekly Challenges over at A Bowl Full of Lemons, but have yet to post any.  It is week three and I finally made some progress.

This week the challenge is to make a recipe binder.  Go here to see Toni’s post.

I have many of my recipes organized online in a favorite folder and I add to that folder constantly.  I look up new recipes almost every week and end up finding a few to add.

I also have a stack of cookbooks that I borrow from the library based on what my interest is at that particular time.  Right now I have a few of Weight Watchers cookbooks that I was flipping through.

My grandmother got me a subscription to Everyday Food magazine that I grew to LOVE.  I was keeping all of those and I would just write the main topics or great recipes that I wanted to use on the back of the magazine and then folded the corners over.

I have quite a few cookbooks that I own as well.  I keep my favorites in a cabinet near the stove and then use little sticker tabs to mark the recipes that I want to try or use.

I then had this ugly old green folder that I have jammed recipes in that I have printed or ripped out of somewhere.  It was in really bad shape and was impossible to find anything that I needed.  I went through it about a year ago and separated sweets from meals, but with only two sides of the folder that was as good as it got.

I found a binder that I had lying around (I plan to replace this ugly plain black one with one of the plastic sleeve ones so that I can add a cute cover like Toni did.) and go to work emptying my folder and organizing the categories.

I came up with Breakfast, Chicken, Pork, Beef, One Dish (casseroles, mac n cheese, crockpot), Sauces/Marinades, Soups, Sides, Appetizers, and Desserts.

I used an idea I saw on one of the other posts to use manila folders cut in half for the dividers and used my label maker for the categories.  I had some plastic sleeves that I slipped all of the recipes into and added a sheet of card stock to the pages where there were little clippings or recipes cards that needed to be affixed to the paper.

I still want to make the pretty cover and many of the recipes really need copying over more neatly, but for now…. I am just proud of myself that I got it done.

The binder doesn’t fit where the folder used to, but I will be able to find the recipes that I want without wasting my precious time searching for them.

I also plan on printing some recipes from my favorites online file that I have tried and love.  If I know that I will make them again I might as well print them where I can keep them near the stove.

A new tab might also be added for my more health conscious recipes that I have found lately from Weight Watchers and a new diet that I have been reading called Cinch.



One response to this post.

  1. love it, nice and organized. I’m currently trying to organize my recipes, but I have too many. Think I should start weeding them out!


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