Price Chopper Deals 2/13

*** Update-   Go here to see how you can get two dozen large price chopper eggs for FREE plus a ten cent money maker!!!

Also the Kikkoman soy sauce was on sale and can be combined with the printable coupon, the Weaver bags of chicken (nuggets, tenders, dino nuggets, wings) were still on sale BOGO, and I found LINDT super dark chocolate bars on sale!


I wasn’t super impressed this week with the Price Chopper deals and only found one coupon match up that I will be using. 😦

The two highlights of the ad for me would be—

1. There is a coupon in the ad for a FREE dozen large white eggs with coupon and $25 purchase.

2. Asparagus is on sale fresh for $1.88/lb. (Usually 2.99/lb… so if you like fresh asparagus… now is the time to buy it)

Also… fresh asparagus can be frozen for later use… check here for more information, but below is what this site said about freezing asparagus.

Fresh asparagus can be frozen for later use. If properly frozen soon after picking, asparagus retains most of its nutrients. Wash fresh tender spears and trim bottom ends. Cut spears into lengths that will fit into freezer bags or containers. Sort according to thickness.

Asparagus must be blanched before it’s frozen. To blanch asparagus, immerse thin spears in boiling water for 2 minutes, medium spears for 3 minutes and thick spears for 5 minutes. As soon as spears are removed from boiling water, cool quickly by immersing in ice water for about 5 minutes. Drain, then pack into freezer bags or freezer containers, leaving no headspace. Seal, label, and freeze . Asparagus can be frozen for up to 8 or 9 months. Don’t defrost frozen asparagus before cooking. Keep it frozen until you’re ready to cook it. If frozen asparagus thaws, it must be cooked right away. Never refreeze it.”

The rest of the deals this week that I took note of–

Price Chopper Roasting Chicken 99 cents a pound

All Price Chopper spices BOGO

Betty Crocker fruit snacks 2/$5 —  coupon matchup— 50 cents off two manufacturer coupon online printable which doubles making these fruit snacks TWO for $4 this week

Campbell’s tomato or chicken noodle condensed soups are 2/$1

40% off all Gorton’s products (fish sticks, etc.)

Price Chopper Sliced Strawberries 16oz. regular or 15 oz. with Splenda (in the tubs) $2.29

Tostitos Chunky Salsa 2/$5

Playtex hand saver gloves $2

Price Chopper Pasta $1 each


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