Menu Plan 2/14-2/20

I am hoping to stick to this menu plan this week.  It seems like the past few weeks something has been happening to make me have to switch it around.  I plan half of the menu on things I bought this past trip and know that some of the meals can be based off of things I buy through the week.  The only thing is…. I don’t always shop on the same night… so….  try to stick with me.

This week is Valentine’s week too, so we may be trying to see if someone can watch the kids for a date night at some point.

Menu Plan as it stands right now—

Monday–  Pork Lo Mein (recipe from our local tv station’s food guy)

Tuesday–  Goat Cheese and Herb Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Wednesday–  Ham and Yams in Cider Sauce

Thursday–  Leftovers or Dill and Honey Pork Chops if we don’t go for the leftovers

Friday–  Bean and Rice Burritos

Saturday–  Homemade Pizza and Salad (the kids make pizza with me using frozen dough, jarred sauce, and whatever toppings we find and sound good) Here is a recipe for Homemade Pizza Supreme that has homemade dough and sauce if you want to try that.

Sunday–  Lentil and Brown Rice Soup


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