Our Pancake Art

We finally tried the pancake art.  This is off of my other post about using squirt bottles to make super cute pancakes after I saw it on Rachael Ray.

Anyway…. He said on the show to make the batter runnier so that it comes out of the bottle better.  I think that since I used a mix it was already runny enough.  I didn’t make it runnier on purpose and wish it were a bit thicker actually.

I only made two colors to start out.  It worked well enough for the first time.  I am going to have to brain storm and take my time a bit more to get more creative with it.

These are the ones that I threw together today.  I am no artist….  and was soooo happy when my son decided to specifically ask for certain ones and came up with star and moon.  Yippie for me… I can handle those.  I figured he would say skyscraper or transformer… ya know.. something impossible for mommy to make with pancakes.

Above two I hope you can tell what they are.

The next two—   a car or truck        and        I know it looks like a pink cow with gangrene, but it is a pony and when I told my daughter what it was….  she yelled “PONY” and was very excited.

This one wasn’t horrible…..

This was supposed to be a bird or a duck…..   but looks like a hummingbird with stunted growth in the wings…..

and even though my daughter was so excited to get a “bunny raddit”…..  this was supposed to be a ladybug.

I guess I will try a rabbit next time.  I was out of batter.

The kids LOVED this!!!  So.. I am calling it a success even though mommy needs some practice in the creativity department.

So even if you aren’t the best artist your kids will love this if you even get out a smiley face or shapes.

The colors browned a bit when cooking too as you can see for sure in the star picture and I used food coloring this time, but want to try using foods to color the pancakes like the guy on Rachael Ray suggested.

I did the wing on the bird and the center of the flower separate to try a bit of the 3D style.  I will try to do more of that next time too.

Did anyone else try this?  How successful were you?

My new pancake project for next time—- pancake molds with metal cookie cutters like How Does She?


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  1. Those are the cutest pancakes ever!


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