Yummy NO Work Salad

Tonight for dinner we are having that parmesan tilapia and penne with broccoli and alfredo from last week’s menu plan.  We had a last minute date night last week…. wahoo… and it was so nice.

Anyway….  along with the fish and pasta I am going to throw together this super yummy salad that hubby shared with me.  Ok.. ready for super duper no work easy???

Buy- Spring Salad Mix (I like the one in the hard plastic thingy…. like the one by Earthbound Farm… It’s organic.  I tried just getting the mesclun mix in the bin at the grocery store because it is way cheaper, but it had an extra green in there that was super bitter and wasn’t worth it for me.  Give it a shot at your grocery store if you’d like.)

Buy- Marzetti’s Spinach Salad Dressing  (Don’t go too nuts with the amount of dressing…add a little at a time and mix and taste.  It is very flavorful.)


Mix these two…. and….. waaalaaaaa…….  You have a super yummy salad with NO work.


Attn:  If you don’t know what the mesclun mix or spring mix is and don’t like the kind of salad that I have heard some refer to as “yard clippings” then this salad is not for you.  I, personally, love that kind of salad with all of the neat greens in it.  The mix that I bought says it has baby lettuces, chard, arugula, radicchio, etc.


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