Sunburst Mirrors- Make Your Own

You can find these Sunburst Mirrors at all of the retail stores and some specialty stores now.  Even this one here at Target is $84.99.

Product Image Wire Capiz Sunburst Wall Mirror

This one is through for $39.99

20" Iron Sun Burst Wall Art Mirror / Designer Home Decor

Or… you can get this one here because it’s on sale for $350.95!!!  Yes… three hundred fifty dollars and ninety five cents….. not a typo!!!

It isn’t letting me add the picture…so you will have to click the link and see if you are willing to pay that much.  🙂

OR…. you can make your own like Under the Table and Dreaming did here.

This one above is made from skewers and this one below is made from CEREAL BOXES!!!  LOVE it….

She gives step by step directions on her site (link above) to make both of these.  She says she gets the mirrors from a craft store for $3.99 sold as candle plates.  What a deal!!!

This site here Ten June made one of these herself too.  She uses bamboo sticks to make hers.  The whole bundle of bamboo sticks was around four bucks.

So…. if you want to join in the fun and add a sunburst mirror to your decor for super cheap…. check these sites out and make your own.  I really want to make one of these, but have no where to put it until the house is done.  Please please share yours with


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