Baby Gifts

I was reading through a magazine in the Dr. office the other day and saw a couple really cute different things that I thought would make nice baby shower or new baby gifts.

I thought I would share.


These are called Dunck Ducks and you can get them for $10 on for the set of three.  I just thought that they were different and cute.  My son is almost four and still hates having his hair rinsed.  I even got the bucket thing with the rubber part so that it doesn’t get in his face and he still hates it.  Maybe he wouldn’t tweak out if it was a duck rinsing his hair.  Ya never know with kiddos….


For this second one… you need to know the baby’s name and have a picture.  I guess it would be more of an after you had the baby gift than a shower gift.  Anyway.. they are super cute.  It is a book by Sandra Boynton that you can get here.  It is customizable by adding the child’s full name and the photo at the end.  It is $19.95 plus $4.65 shipping.

Are You a Cow Board Book?

Product Detail



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