Our Hand Print Hearts so Far


I finally tried to tackle the hand print hearts craft that I posted about here.  I will tell you that I was nervous about this with a six week old, a just turned two year old, and a three year old.  I was nervous for good reason.  I didn’t have time or ability to take during pictures, but wish I had.  It would have been funny to share.  Lets just say that I had paint all over the floor and basically paint got everywhere trying to tackle this task on my own.

I decided not to put all three hearts on the one page.  I wanted to make the three hearts into an 8×10 painting to frame and give daddy for the office on Valentine’s Day.  I could tell it was going to be tight so I decided to do all three separate and use the other individual artwork idea from the link and matte them on black.  This is what they look like.  I had to just free hand cut them out, glue them to the black, and then cut them out again.  I am going to have to put these in a bigger black frame than the 8×10, but this is what it will look like.

Oh.. and I had to use the baby’s foot instead of hand.  I had a hard enough time trying to get her to not scrunch up her toes.  I can’t imagine how her hand would have turned out.  The middle pink heart is lighter pink paint, but doesn’t look that light in person.  I am working off a not so great camera until I get mine back from Nikon. (I had to send it in just under two weeks within the warranty after it was knocked to the floor at my daughter’s bday party.)

I am thinking about taking a fine tip black sharpie and writing the kid’s names on the right side edge of the paint of each heart.  I was then going to maybe write Happy Valentine’s Day and the year on the bottom right corner sort of small in the black sharpie.

What do you think about the writing?  Should I try to free hand it or do you think I should not risk messing it up and leave it plain???



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