Magazine Holders Homemade

I saw this post here at A Bowl Full of Lemons and decided to try a set and see how they came out.  I have looked all over at magazine holders and to get one that is fully enclosed and doesn’t have the cut outs in it the cheapest I found was about $5.99 each.  This set of two, however, was FREE.  I had scrapbook paper and rubber cement.  I even had the box leftover in the set that I requested from the post office around the holidays also for FREE.

You use one medium flat rate usps box and measure four inches up and three inches in to make the cut out area.  Then you connect that line with the one you make on the other side and draw the diagonal line using a ruler.  (See the link to actually see better what I am trying to say.. please…)

I got these packs of scrapbook paper at the dollar store.  My dollar store called Real Deals has scrapbooking packs like these with 40 sheets in them for a buck!!!  Both of these came from those packs.

The scrapbook paper works really well because these boxes happen to be 12 inches wide.  I just cut the end pieces with a little hang over and put those on first so that it covered the corners when I put the sides on.

Toni used wrapping paper and made hers all the same colors and added labels…. and are WAY cuter than mine, but…. It is a start and now I know when I have room I can make my own.


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