Pizza Pockets


So… I read in a magazine somewhere last week to take refrigerated biscuits and roll each one out to make those little half circle shaped pockets.  They put some different toppings in it, but it made me think that you could do pizza pockets and the kids would love them.  I got the refrigerated biscuits, mozz. cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms.  I usually cheat and use Ragu chunky extra flavored spaghetti sauce.  Any time I buy pizza sauce the hubby thinks it doesn’t have enough flavor.  You could serve it with the sauce on the side to dip with.


I also happened to have these….

They are the empanada makers/pie press by Tupperware.  I have never had a chance to try them out, but intend to tonight.  I think they will work really well.  You get two and I have two dinner making age children… so… I think this will work great.

OH… and FYI…. these are on sale 50% off right now if anyone wants to order them through me!!!  🙂  That makes them $6 bucks for the set of two!



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