Craigslist Can Be Super


I wanted to share with you another post on a fellow blog where she finally gave in to craigslist.  You really can find a ton of good stuff… especially if you aren’t against painting wood.

I was just thinking yesterday how I want to go out to the barn and get more pictures of all of the things that I have been gathering up for when the house is done.  My plan is to slowly snag up pieces here and there from garage sales, thrift stores, craigslist, etc. that I can put to good use once the addition is done.

* For those of you who don’t know… we are more than doubling our house on a very tight budget with very minimal extra time and not going into any debt at all while doing it.  The result—  an addition that is taking a few years.  Yes… years….   It is a bit painful at times knowing what I will have and not having it NOW, but I know that it will be great when it is all done.  My husband is doing the entire thing alone from drawing up the plans, grading, digging the foundation, pouring foundation, building the structure, electrical, plumbing…. etc.  He is an extremely talented civil engineer that is also holding down a full time position as that.  So….  it will get done eventually.



Check your craigslist.  People put things up for free or really really cheap.

Here is a perfect example.

Over at Dittle Dattle she finally went to craigslist and found the perfect end tables for her son’s room.  Check out how beautiful the room looks.  You would never know that she had items in there that are second hand.



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