Shaklee Review Part 2

Yesterday, shortly after posting review number one, I ran the dishwasher packed full of yucky dishes.  Shaklee powder machine dishwasher detergent says to include one scoop in each of the compartments for regular water, two scoops in each for hard water, and for really hard water to fill up both compartments.  Of course, we have super duper hard water.  I have to re-check the cost comparison based on the fact that I have to use three times the regular amount because of the hard water.  I am, however, fairly confident that Shaklee will still be cheaper than the Cascade Complete.  The Cascade Complete is the only thing that actually works in our dishwasher so far.  There are very rarely coupons for the Complete version and it is almost never included in the sales on Cascade in my local stores.

All of the dishes came out super clean and sparkling.  It got everything clean and didn’t leave any nasty film or streaks.  We never use the dry option on the dishwasher and if we use anything other than the Cascade Complete, and now Shaklee, the dishes would come out quite filmy.

I then ran a few loads of laundry through.  It seems so weird to be able to use the same detergent for the kids as I used for our clothes.  It was even more weird to be able to use dryer sheets for the kids clothes.  For once the kids towels were soft and not all scratchy.  The dryer sheets seem really strange.  They feel like thing wax paper with a bunch of holes punched in them.  They come out all twisted and wadded up, but you can recycle them.  How cool.

The laundry seemed super clean and soft from both the liquid detergent and the fabric sheets.  It was strange for our clothes to not have that very familiar fabric sheet smell that I love so much.  I do like that I am able to use them on the kids clothes, but I am missing that smell on our stuff.

Yesterday I needed to scrub the bathroom (per my weekly cleaning chart) so I decided to give these products a real run for their money.  I used the basic h all-purpose cleaner to clean just about everything in the room.  I still used my swiffer duster with the long handle to get all my dust and cobweb areas up high and on baseboards.  I am not sure that I will stop using those.

I used the all purpose on the washer and dryer, the sink, the garbage, the tp holder, the door knobs, the laundry cabinet, the heater, and then lastly the toilet.  It seemed to clean everything wonderfully.  The only things that I want heavier duty something for is the toilet bowl and the tub.

I recently fell in love with Lime Away for my tub and shower because we have such hard water.  That stuff takes the scum off with such minimal elbow grease.  It does, however, make me feel like I am going to pass out.  I have to do the tub when the kids are napping or already in bed and then crack the window and have the fan on.

I know it isn’t good for me so I am going to order the scour off and the basic g by Shaklee to see if they will make me ditch the Lime Away.

I used the basic h glass cleaner on the mirrors with the microfiber window cleaning cloth.  The cloth is strange feeling to me (same as the sponge and other towels), but worked really really well.

So… the only thing left in the kit that I haven’t tried is the basic h wipes.  I will post a third review including those and the scour off and basic g once I get them and am able to try them.

So far…. I heart Shaklee and its effectiveness.  I miss my smelly stuff too…  😦


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