Shaklee So Far


I got my Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit yesterday.  I was so excited to get it and use it.  I immediately got everything out, but was unable to make the three cleaners from the basic h2 because the bottle was so frozen.  It was 25 below here yesterday before the wind chill… brrrrrrr…….

I did have a baby outfit that had some pretty yucky stains on it that I was going to soak in the powdered oxy clean that has become one of my favorites.  I decided to use the shaklee laundry booster soak instead and try it out.  The pajamas that needed soaking were white to begin with and came out so super sparkly bright white with NO stains!!!  I stuck them in a bucket soak and left them over night.  I didn’t check them until this morning, but I am super pleased.

I haven’t done a load of laundry yet so I am not sure how the regular liquid laundry wash is yet.

Today was deep clean kitchen counters and appliances day on my cleaning routine.  I made up the three cleaners and was able to use the all purpose cleaner and de-greaser cleaning up the kitchen.

I decided to try the regular all purpose cleaner first on the coffee pot, but figured that I would need to use the degreaser to really get it clean.  I quickly sprayed the bottom heat plate that had burned on coffee on it and then wiped it with a towel.  It wiped right off so easy with no soaking and no elbow grease.  Amazing!

I then soaked the coffee pot and the basket in the sink with a few drops of basic h.  It cleaned them up so sparkly and nice!!!  Since the cleaners are fragrance free…. it was so much nicer than smelling that nasty vinegar smell when I usually soak the coffee pot.

It seems really weird to spray down the counters and wipe them all down without my regular “clean smell” that I am so used to.  I am sure it has to be better than inhaling all those chemicals, but will definitely take some getting used to.

All in all…..   everything that I have tried seems to work really well.  I already miss my lysol and clorox smells, but know that this decision will be so much better for my family and me.  I think it is worth it… especially if they work just as well or better.

I thought my kit came with the hand soap and the scour off paste.  It did not.  I will be getting the scour off to try on the stove and the tub.  I also see in the catalog that they sent that they have a baby soap line.

I have to use Aveeno on the kids and coat them with Aquaphor after each bath.  If they have a bath more than every other day, I don’t use Aveeno and Aquaphor, or I don’t use Dreft… they rash out all red.  I was told they have eczema.  I am definitely interested in trying out the baby products.  I just have to look into the cost and ingredient differences from the stuff that we already use and know works.

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