I Need These

Self Adhesive Decorative Copper Embossed Floral Design Tin Tiles - 6" x 6" (SET OF 16)

Ok.. so I did the back splash in my kitchen with this copper colored floral embossed tin tile.  I got enough to do the whole section of wall behind the stove and the cabinets on either side.  It took two sets that, at the time, were sold by ltd Commodities for something close to $6.95 or so.

I really want to do the rest of the area to the left of the sink and the right between the cabinets and counter.  I figured out that I need four sets.

The only place that I can find these is through amazon.com and even other sites that have them link me to amazon.  The cheapest they are selling for is $11.90 per set.  At four sets… that charges me $47.60… which I was going to suck it up and go for… but then they want $23.96 just to ship them here.    aaarrrrgh!

So… if anyone sees these or know where I might be able to look to at least get cheaper shipping at the same price for the tiles… PLEASE let me know.  Thanks.   (They have to be this design and copper toned… not gold or silver)

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