Menu Plan Monday

Okay… so I have decided to try and get back on track with my menu planning.  I am torn with this because our house gets so crazy sometimes that I end up wanting to change what is on the menu and then feel like everything gets thrown off.  Menu planning definitely saves money, time, and stress most of the time…. so I am going to try it again.

I printed this menu plan worksheet that I posted before and laminated it.  For now it is just on the fridge with a magnet, but I am thinking about making it cuter with a mat and frame at some point.

I am going to try and do a soup Sunday every Sunday… at least for a while during these cold months.  We all love soup and my husband recently won this soup cookbook from work.  They do a soup club thing a few times a year where each person signed up has a day to bring their “soup” in and then they get to eat the others soup the rest of the days.  I guess they somehow pick a winner at the end and he won this past batch and got this soup cookbook as his prize.

There are quite a few great looking recipes in there.  Some include more ritzy ingredients like fresh lobster, but a lot have super simple recipes that include ingredients like Velveeta or Bob Evans prepared sausage.

I will also be working off of a list that I made up of meals that use up items from our freezer and pantry stockpile.  Some are never before tried recipes that I have found and some are simple favorites that use up those items.

I am going to post my menu on Monday and then try really hard to keep up with the meal, but may change them sometimes.  when I make the meal I will post the recipe and try to remember to take a picture to share as well.

The Menu—

Monday- chicken and rice casserole

Tuesday– Bean and cheese quesadillas

Wednesday– Ramen with shrimp and veggies

Thursday–  Pepper pork steaks with potatoes and gravy

Friday– Parmesan Tiliapia with Penne and Broccoli in Alfredo

Saturday– Spinach Frittata

Sunday– Skillet Chicken Soup (with cabbage)

This menu looks pretty darn easy… so… I am looking forward to that.  I love trying new recipes, but with three kiddos.. and one being a newborn… sometimes that doesn’t happen very well.  Good thing I have a super hubby and these recipes are easy to follow… so if need be… he can help me when he gets home.

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