Fun Girly Time

If you haven’t seen these and you have a daughter… you have to check them out.

These are wooden dolls that are magnetic and have magnetic clothes.  This is the set that we got by Melissa and Doug from for my daughter for her birthday.  There are four dolls with a little stand for each to stand them up and tons of clothes and shoes.  There are two piece outfits and dresses and a bunch of shoes for different combos.  Her and I have had so much fun playing with these!!!  She is getting really good at putting outfits together and only just turned two.  I think she will keep getting better and better at it and continue to have fun with the set.

The only thing that I would suggest is to have a plastic tote on hand to put the pieces in.  This picture shows how it comes in a heavy sturdy wooden box with different compartments.  The problem—  it is only wrapped with a thin plastic and doesn’t have a top or lid of any kind.  I had to toss the wooden part it came in and toss everything into a tote.

Too fun anyway… check em out!!!



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