Cleaning Chart


I made up this cleaning chart this weekend.  I have had a list for a while now, but had it on a paper stuck in my notebook that I keep on the counter.  I got this idea from some blog out there in blogland (sorry that I can’t give you credit.. whoever you are) and it has really helped me.

There are days where I would feel like I didn’t have time to clean because I felt that if I started I needed to clean the entire house at once.  This would make me decide to only do the everyday cleanup and upkeep and not tackle any of the extra cleaning that needs to be done weekly.  I would then be stuck with one whole day where I would need to bust my butt getting the house all done.  This day would usually end up being on the weekend when my hubby was actually home and I would be cleaning away instead of cherishing some rare family time.

Now I do the thing that is on that day along with the everyday stuff like dishes, cleaning counters, and keeping floors clean.  It isn’t overwhelming and I know when I tackled that task last.

Yes… sometimes I am too busy to get to that thing that day, but it is only one or two small tasks to be added to the following day if I fall behind.

I love this idea… and it is working for this busy mom.


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