Bud Vase Dilemma

So I got these bud vases in the dollar section of Target the other night.  I thought that they might work for the shelf in the bathroom. (More on the bathroom redo later…. I have to post how I have been changing it.. and the horrid green color that I just painted it… that I hoped I would grow to love… but… um.. didn’t.)

Here is a really bad picture of them on the shelf in the horrid green bathroom.  The green will be changed shortly to a deeper more sage-ish green.  The other colors in the bathroom are dark chocolate brown, tan, white and the fixtures or anything metal is chrome/silver.

So… I was at Big Lots last night and saw some faux flowers in the Easter section…. yes… I said Easter section.  Big Lots has Christmas clearance, Valentine’s Day stuff, Easter, and some St. Patricks Day stuff all out right now.

Anyway… they had some pretty flowers, but I don’t know what color to get.  What color flowers will go with these colors and not look all clashy.  (picture a nicer green.. mind you..)

What color/kind of flowers to I get???  I was thinking just one fake flower in each vase… since they are pretty small.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I have sage, brown, blue, and cream in out bedroom and use a few bright orange accents. Works nicely.


    • Thanks…. I was wondering if I should just go way off like that for the “pop” factor. I saw some really pretty bright purple flowers at Big Lots. They didn’t have orange, but I am going to keep looking. Maybe that Real Deals dollar store has something. They have a ton of fake flowers.


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