Mama Cheaps just posted a deal where you can get a free photo book through snapfish with a certain order through

I have never seen or used so I decided to check it out.

They basically have all of your basic needs stuff (toilet paper, soap, medicines, makeup, shampoo, cleaning products) all online where you can just order it and have it shipped to you.  Here is what really got me….  you get FREE 2 day shipping on any order over $25!!!  That would mean that you could get everything you need handed to you at your door with no shipping charge.  Um… as a mom of three under three and a half…….  YAHOO!!!

The second thing that got me… that I haven’t fully checked into by actually placing an order and checking out…. is that it looks like you can even use COUPONS!!!   As a couponing mom….. YAHOO… again!  It shows ecoupons, but I am not sure if you can enter a coupon from the paper yet.      **** UPDATE– I found this spot on the site where it tells you how the manufacturer coupons work.  You can send coupons in and have them applied to your account and then buy the product and use that coupon.  These coupons can’t be combined with the ecoupons that they offer.  At this time they say they are having technical difficulties processing the BOGO coups, but are working on fixing that.

Then I look up at the tabs on the top…. and they have a partner site….

This one is FREE 2 day shipping… but on orders of $49 or more.   Still not bad considering how much diapers are anyway right…

If you are a new customer… right now… they are offering on the site to get 30% cash back on your diapers and a 10% OFF everything else.

They have furniture, toys, formula, diapers, and wipes.

So… I just had to share the potential of these sites.  Maybe I am out of the loop… and there are a ton of sites like these.. or better… (please share if there are), but I think this is fabulous.

I found a site before through coupon goddess where you could get all of your food, use coupons from the paper, and have it all sent to you with free shipping over orders of something small like $50 bucks.  I got all excited and started to look into it…. to find out that they didn’t have a location near enough here to deliver to us.  BUMMER….

Anyone find me a site like that…. and I am all over it!!!

Signed—  busy, exhausted, hands full- mom of three


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