Organizing Challenge-Day 16 Fridge

Soooo….  Day 16 of the Organizing Challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons is the fridge.

I go through the fridge at least every single Sunday because it is the day before the garbage guy comes.  I take all the yucky food out and either trash it or give it to the chickens.  I thought that because I do this…. the fridge couldn’t be all that bad.  I must be able to hurry and get this done while I had at least one child napping, one playing alone pretty good momentarily, and one starting to fall asleep in her swing.

Ok… all together now…. “Yeah right!!!”


I decided to try and do the take everything out thing, but only sections at a time just in case something came up and I was unable to continue.

Here are the before pics….

I am not sure which is more embarrassing….. that the inside of my fridge looks like this or that my fridge is circa 1980 and we bought it used about five years ago.  We were  newly weds with a ton of student loans building a house…. we needed cheap… so… here it is.

Anyway… the third pic is from an angle trying to show you that I already went label happy in here and tried to organize the fridge into categories.  This makes me feel better, but also helps with the hubby’s “where’s the….” questions.

Ok… so.. I have a ton of pics… so I will keep the writing to a minimum… try to anyway…

Here are the during and afters….

Section one done.  And…. screaming child……  break….

Section two done.  And…. hungry small people…. making dinner… screaming smallest child…. waking middle child… hubby home…  etc… etc……

Day two.. this morning……

We never buy soda to just keep in the house… but I had a coupon that I used to have soda to offer guests at our daughter’s birthday party this past weekend.  This shelf is usually reserved for Daddy’s beer and any larger leftovers or dinner making materials.

This is before and after of the fruit drawer.  I had just went shopping and didn’t have my produce in the fridge smarts yet.  I need to find some sort of divider or container for the apples and oranges.  Until then.. I am putting the fruit fridge smarts on the shelf so that I don’t have to fight the apples.

A little plug for Tupperware…..  This is why I started selling Tupperware last year…. to get free stuff… and I thought these were amazing.. and still do.  I am going to slide out of the selling Tupperware thing… but am still a consultant as of right now… so feel free to contact me if you have any questions.. or orders of course. 😉

These are fridge smarts and they have ridged bottoms, valves, and charts on the sides.  The new ones are clear and have a picture chart for how to set the valves to high, med. or low for humidity.  These keep your produce fresher for soooo much longer.

This thing on the right is Tupperware too.  This one is the mini forget me not.  They have bigger rounded ones like this and squared ones to hold sliced cheese or anything that fits really.  They are awesome if you use them right and don’t let them get pushed to the back.  They hold a half onion or tomato… whatever… and then you hang it off the side of the shelf so it is in plain view and you don’t end up with a soggy half tomato in the back of some drawer getting stinky.

Okay.. done with plugging my Tupperware obsession.

Veggie drawer—

And.. the door.  Yes.. we have way too many open bottles of bbq dippy stuff.  My kids and husband (and I .. really) love to dip our meat.  I decided to wait until hubby got home to discuss which go.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Brooke on January 20, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    So in love with my Fridgesmarts! They keep me organized and I don’t throw out any fruits and veggies anymore because everything stays fresh so long! Thanks for them Leslie!


    • Yeah.. you got a super deal on that whole set. What great timing when you did your book party!!! I love mine too! They will be so nice to have this summer with the garden and farmer’s market too!!! 🙂


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