Valentine Wreath

Okay… so I finally switched out the holiday wreath on the front door.

I was going to do the crepe paper rose one.  I even bought the red crepe paper and had the foam heart shaped wreath.  I figured by the time I had enough time to sit down and twist all those roses…. It will be Christmas again.

So…. I found this garland at the super market (Price Chopper) for around two bucks.  I brought it home and just started winding it around the foam heard shaped wreath.  I had just enough left over to make a loop to hang it.  I stapled the ends together at the top and hung it.  I am not sure it even looks heart shaped anymore, but it is red and had hearts all over the garland.  I think people get the idea that it is a Valentine wreath.  Right now… that is good enough.

Christmas bulb wreath inspired by the Pottery Barn version……. (the before)

Now… the Valentine wreath…  (the after)



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Corinne on January 18, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Cute idea!! I think I would make the loop out of a red or pink ribbon in order to make the wreath stand out more!! Just an idea!


    • Yeah… I wanted to do a nice ribbon and bow… but didn’t have the stuff to. I just wanted to get it up there and get the other one down. Maybe I will tweak it and post a new pic. I have the red crepe paper that I thought of using to hang it… doubling it over a few times… but figured it would get damp and rip. Need to find some ribbon. Thanks


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