Organizing Days 4, 10, 13 and 14

Okay… so… I have been putting off this post a bit… first because I couldn’t get to doing the actual organizing.. and then because I knew it would be a bit lengthy.  I am going to try and keep it mostly pictures.

A Bowl Full of Lemons is doing this organizing challenge.  I missed day 4 because it was the linen closet and if I was going to do that… I would need to do much more than arrange a few towels. (You will see soon)  Day 10 was the laundry room, day 13 was the medicine cabinet, and day 14 was under the sink.

Well….  This is my “laundry room.”  We have a stackable unit in the bathroom and a small cabinet in there too that holds all of the detergents and stain stuff.

Note—  I am going to post about my horrid bathroom color later.  I took on the project of repainting it from blue to green while in the end of my pregnancy.  I was nesting and in a hurry and went with a color that, after I got it, I really didn’t like.  It was supposed to be a much softer, more brown toned green.  It came out neon-ish freaky bright green.

Anyway–  I bought deep brown spray paint to paint the wicker basket on top of the dryer that holds the extra toilet paper.  I am also going to pain the clock in the bathroom with the same paint. (I am sure that will be a post later)  Other than the basket there is a just a box of dryer sheets up there.

The closet is a bit of a mess.  I was keeping my daughter’s underclothes on top because of the multiple accidents at first.  It was quicker than running upstairs every time.  There are extra baby wipes, clorox wipes, multiple things of detergents and stain stuff, and some magazines and books that I was trying to keep from getting destroyed by kids.  It only makes us never read them because they are in the cabinet.

I took the unders upstairs and tossed or gave the extras.

This is the after of that cabinet.

Not huge… but better.

We don’t have a medicine cabinet or an under sink area.  There is just a pedestal sink and a mirror.

We do have this cabinet hanging over where the toilet and laundry cabinet are.  Not too much to organize so I just straightened it.  Here is a before and after.


As for the linen closet.  We have one big closet in the bathroom which holds our towels, medicine, toiletries, extras, medicines, and some. I keep our few sheet sets in a bin under the bed and the kids sheets stored in their rooms.  We also have a utility closet that has the hot water heater, but I had hubby put some shelves in there.  He actually had the fabulous idea to order the shelving unit for the inside of the door too.  I am a couponer… so I use this area for the extras and stockpile mostly and the bathroom cleaning stuff.  The temperature gets a bit crazy in there so I try not to put anything aerosol in there.

This is the before of the linen closet.

This closet has a big area on top that goes up and in.  You can’t really see great in the pics, but I have bins stacked all up in there.  This makes it hard to get to the ones at the top, as well as, the ones on the bottom.  I tried to be organized, but since they are so hard to get to it just made  me not use any of the stuff up there.  I decided that if anything has been up there forever and I haven’t taken the effort to dig it out…. I am tossing or giving it.

The bottom of the closet (looks like cotton batting) is the dishwasher that comes into the bathroom from the kitchen.  It is how we made room for a dishwasher.

This is what it looked like after I took out the front half of the stuff.  The picture on the left doesn’t show that there is one more set of bigger bins under those eight because of the angle.

I swore I took pictures of the floor covered in junk and empty bins, but I guess I just thought I was going to and got side tracked… go figure.  I did get this pic of the bags of stuff that I could give away.  I gave four grocery bags of stuff and filled an average kitchen garbage bag with garbage.

I used to have these bins—  soap, toothpaste and brushes, sunscreen, bugspray, waxing, shoe polish, bandaids, hair coloring (which I have only done the once), meds- pills, meds- cough, lotions, kids meds, and the big bin had a bunch of random lotions and potions stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else.  I also have the two baskets that hold all sorts of random stuff that I use more often.  I had a big spot on the shelf for my every day stuff that needed to be moved one by one every time we needed a new toothpaste.  I use two small caddy things that were meant for the office for my make up.  I got those at the dollar store.

Here are the afters of the linen closet.

It doesn’t look like a ton of difference in the pics, but I assure you I got rid of a ton and it feels much better.  You can see at the top of the first and in the third pic that the bins are only three high now instead of the five before.  The second pic shows that I put all that loose stuff in a bin on the left so that we can more easily access the bins in the back when we need to.  The last pics shows that there isn’t a leaning tower of crazy in the back.  I still keep my “decorative” towels in the back left and then the back right now has a bin that is holding the baby towels, baby washcloths, and burp cloths.  The front bin is all washcloths- adult and kids.  My kids are freaks about having dirty hands and napkins don’t do.  They need their hands washed with a washcloth after every snack and meal.  That is why I have a ton of them.

UGH… I’m exhausted… anyone still there???

One more set of before and after… and I am done for this post.  I just saw that today’s challenge was posted and is meds and vitamins.  I can use part of this one for that at least.

The last part of the bathroom that took me hours on Sunday while hubby was home…. is….. the utility closet.



Excuse the super blurry picture, but my (way too expensive) camera was knocked to the floor at the birthday party Saturday.  ugh…

On a happy note- see that empty spot on the shelf!!!

The top shelf has a bin behind there with all of the other cleaning stuff in it.

And that empty shelf…..

I used that up to get the beach towels and my hair dryers/curling irons out of the leaning tower of towel area.

The end… finally…..


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jeanette (GG)..Grandma on January 19, 2011 at 6:20 am

    I’m exhausted just keeping up with the pics without doing any of the work.good job.You sure do make good use of the little space you have.I can’t wait to see your new dwelling .


  2. Wow! You took on some major projects. Everything looks great!


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