Organized Freezer Update

I got out to the dollar store last night and found some bins that I thought might work.  They are square bins and I was actually able to fit one behind the other.  There are two bins per shelf on the top.  The top shelf has two bins of vegetables and the lower shelf has two bins of fruit and breakfast stuff…. with some random Popsicles and a thing of ice cream jammed in there until I take a few more things out to the deep freezer.

I am not sure if I like the bins or not.  I am all about bins and organization, but the shape of most bins… even if the sides are straight.. they have a lip and I feel like it is wasting more space.  So…. I am going to try this out and hope I like it.  Not having to dig to the back will be nice.  Now I can just pull the bin out.. shut the freezer… and dig through the bin.

So.. this is it.. .. with bins….

No.. I still didn’t get to finish the bottom.  We have a Minnie Mouse birthday going on here today that I need to get ready for instead.  Pics to follow…..


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