Minnie Mouse Party- Cake

Well… today was the day.  We had our daughter’s 2nd birthday party.  She is loving Minnie Mouse lately so we did the Minnie party.  I got plates, napkins, and got her the whole outfit including the poofy white gloves.  I decided to make the cake again.  I always wonder what I was thinking after doing this to myself.  I wait until the morning of the party to decorate the cake and we usually have 11 o’clock parties so that things are done before nap time.

I baked two cake mixes- one french vanilla and one double chocolate fudge.  I used half of each for a dozen cupcakes each.  I used the other half of the vanilla for the head of the mouse in a bowl and then the other half of the chocolate for the ears in smaller bowls.

This is what I ended up with.

Then I cut the cakes down just to get that big bumpy top off and flipped them over.  Had to cut part of the ears to fit better to the head and then added a partial cupcake in between the ears for where the bow would be.  All were flipped over for easier frosting.

Then I just looked at a pic of a Minnie Mouse cake and started doing star tip piping all over it.  I skipped the crumb coat frosting for times sake and just put the stars really close together so that you couldn’t see through.

This is what it looked like in the end.  I did most of the black, pink, and tanish color with the star tip and then added the mouth, nose, eyes, and tongue on top.

And….. Our very own Minnie Mouse birthday girl……

I will have to get the better pics from my mom with her wearing the ears on her own and the poofy white gloves.  It was so cute, but she was over the ears and gloves pretty quick.

This is what she looked like when I was showing her the plates and napkins and reminding her that her party was today.


She had two cakes because we got a coupon for a free 8 inch cake from our grocery store being in the baby club.  I let her attack the frosting at that one for just her.  This is what we did with the cupcakes… well my mom ended up doing them for me because I was still jumping in the shower as our guests were arriving.  Thank goodness I have the best best friend in the world and that her husband is great.  The two of them cleaned up my cake making kitchen mess while I was in the shower.  Way to come to a party and clean as soon as you get there.  Thanks guys!!!


The cupcakes are the fleshy colored frosting with mint cookies for ears.  I was going to pipe pink bows on each, but ran out of time.  Oh well…. they all loved them still.

I also have to show two of my daughter’s very cool homemade gifts.  My husband’s grandmother made my daughter a cape because I made my son one last year and she loves it.  Now she has her very own purple cape and she even made a wonder woman-ish headband crown to go with it.  The little oval on the front has her picture in it.  Soooo cute.

The other gift is from my husband’s parents.  His father made her a doll bed and his mother made her the bedding (with Minnie Mouse on it of course) for her dollies.

The party went very well.  She got some very nice gifts from all and we were so glad to share it with a few friends and family that we can jam into this house.  Now…. we all need a good nap!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. The cake came out GREAT! I am so glad you guys had a great party day!


  2. Thanks… she loved it. She isn’t great at her “s'” so she kept saying…. “oooohhhh…. meeee mowwww”


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