$3.49 Shipped for TWO Custom Photo Coin Purses


Go to ArtsCow and add Mini Coin Purses to your cart.  You can pick a template that is pre designed from over 20 pages of them or create your own completely custom one from a blank slate.  The templates are just a base to work on.  You can change any of the elements of the template and/or add more text or photo.

It is so fun to mess around making one of these.  They actually have digital scrapbooking kits on here.  You can add embelishments, borders, fonts, photos….. the combinations are endless.

Once you put the items in your card you enter this coupon code- MCP4FRDS and it takes off a discount amount.  It says that you are getting one for free… so… whether you get the one or two… it would come out to $3.49.  It says there is no limit on how many sets of two.  You should be able to get as many sets of two as you want for $3.49 per set.  I am not sure how many times you can use the coupon code per email account.  If you think you may want more than the two… order them all at the same time to ensure you get this deal.

I am getting them for my kids to keep their allowance money in for when we go shopping.  No more plastic baggies.  They would also make cute birthday gifts, mothers day gifts….. So… think through the events coming up before you submit your order.

This deal is good through 2/3/11


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